Saturday, April 24, 2010

Astronomy Day Kick Off

With the nice weather finely arriving to Northern NV, Astronomy Day upon us, and a busy Zodiacal sky all the ingredients are in place for some fun outreach. This Friday evening event had a lot of energy and fun! I was a busy outreach guy helping folks at the scope, moon modeling, Sidewalk Guy's Planet Round Up, Pocket Solar System, charting the Zodiac and fielding questions.

Luna was really putting on a fine show and many came under her spell as she is indeed the doorway to understanding the Solar System. With the Clavius crater complex, crater Bullialdus central peak, crater Copernicus rim terracing, and the Sinus Iridium Daybreak Light Show featuring a well lit Jura Mtns, wrinkles with shadows, and Luna curvature providing lots of " wows "and "oh mys". Folks were excited about our moon this night and rightly so.

And of course Saturn taking the main stage at dark sealed the deal for many of my visitors. Even with our bright moon and parking lot lighting many wanted to learn the Zodiac. I had folks with their 3G phones programed with the various astro software but still needing some good old fashioned hands on instruction. There will always be work for the Sidewalk Guy!

I had a estimated 80 + photon infected visitors this night.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

How appropriate to have caution tape when the SUG is in action. Ah yes all should be advised of what they may experience when subjected to the antics of this very affable Astronomomy Afficianado,Denizen of Deep Sky and the Luminary of La Luna.
SUG you must limit your liability when you are on the sidewalks and shorelines of Sparks, NV. Should you not have a sign-- "Observe at Your Own Risk-- You May be Overcome by Uncontrollable Awe, Fascination and Wonder"
Are the Sparks, NV First Responders on call for his events?

Great events SUG! How about the lines at the scope. No doubt security controlled the throngs of people.

Love the picture of the adorable young lady at the scope on the last post.


Drive-by Astronomy said...
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Drive-by Astronomy said...

Deleted the last post as it was a duplicate of the first.
Love the new look of the blog. OJ looks rather swanky.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Hey theres that little spice container again. Is it secret "stardust"

Sidewalk Universe said...

Once again the Drive-by Guy has a way with words. Thanks for your fun comments and encouragement!

I am glad that the caution tape was there as there was a deep hole nearby. Not a good thing to have folks fall into it when observing Lunar craters. I had the park security busy and they liked the overtime!

OJ wanted top billing but he has not done a program yet. Kinda like top athlete signing the big contract but not yet on the field!

As too the spice container - yes you got it right! This is my secret ingredient as I do not possess your "swagger which staggers"!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh about the new look to the page.

New colors and pic but the same old SUG!