Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quickie Outreach With Another Catch

Our skies cleared out a bit and with a lot of Solar System action going on the evening looked to be fun and active. But it was not to be as I had a very short(for me) and lite traffic event - the park just emptied out. But it was fun just to get out as the Lunar and Saturnine views were excellent and the 28 who came by were treated to these.

Here's CR150/UA ready to go!!!!!!!!!

I had a very sparse resource table due to some sunset wind gust which are common here. But it is uncanny how I manage to have just what I need out for the visitors who stop by.

Jessica and Shane love this astronomy stuff. Shane is a devoted watcher of all the current astronomy programs on the airwaves. He is now ready to take the plunge and pursue this as a hobby for himself.

Of course the Sidewalk Guy is available to help with all the enthusiasm, nearby snacks, high energy level he is known for. Just give me a few moments to overwhelm you!

Once you are in my astro grasp your not wiggling free!


Jessica said...

Thanks Rich..definitely amazing stuff!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

If only Drive-by was Near-by. Nice picture of CR150 with the lake and mountains in the backgraound. Richie is revved for the outreach observing season.
What is in that little spice bottle? Inquiring minds want to know

Sidewalk Universe said...

You are so welcome Jessica! You and Shane made my night - thank you!

Now Drive-by: you are very observant indeed. That is a StarBucks dried fruit/nut mix container. I have several of them and they carry flashlights, batteries, and other sundry items. I ate all the mix long ago! Burp!!!!!!!!!

I feel very revved up for outreach but I am getting weathered out a lot. Like tonight! I may do a late afternoon moon program tomorrow if it clears.