Sunday, April 4, 2010

The New Kid On The Block

Hi everyone my name is OJ. I was adopted yesterday into SUG's telescope troop and I was rescued from years of idleness in my case waiting for another chance to gather energy from above. Once SUG laid his eyes on me he flipped and quipped "oh my!" Well before I knew it I was in the back of his old car and off to my new digs. He says " outreach my fine old friend outreach it is for you" as he drives me home. I'm an old telescope for sure but I feel very young. SUGGY likes my optics, mount, and drives which are in perfect order. He was pleased with the quick look we had last night with a arctic like Sierra storm bearing down on us. I won't be out for use yet as my new caretaker has to purchase a power supply, dew shield, and 2 inch stuff for visual. All the pennies and dimes he was saving went for me at a my not to be resisted price.

I'm feeling really good right now as I'm all cleaned and set up. Finally out of the case and on my legs! But what is this black thingy SUG taped to my tube? SUG says " that it will help me point you to things faster, and easier". OK as long has I get to do my thing! I am liking this fancy eyepiece though. He then plugs me in and my mount is purring, my are optics cooling and I'm on top of the world! We viewed some of my favorites, M41-2, M36, 37, 38, M1, M46-7, M68, M35, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, double stars galore. Oh rupture & bliss to be used again - nothing like photons bouncing around my mirrors! No collimation needed and I'm in step with the sky like a fine Swiss watch ticking off the seconds, minutes and hours!

Here I am in my new garage - the other scopes of this platoon are rather quiet under their bags and wraps all shelved or upright against the wall. I can hear whispering from among them but no one answers my greeting. I got to meet Mrs.SUG. She's cute and she likes my color scheme and likes looking through SCT's like me. I hope she takes me out! Boy she's cute and smells pretty.
Can you guys tell me anything about my new owner? He certainly enjoys driving around the sky. I understand he is a colorful and different sort of person. And what about these not so friendly scopes whom I'm sharing space with......

4/5/10 Update: Clementine is Mr.Dr.Drive-by Astronomy's C-8 who is in a disparate situation and needs to be rescued from non usage! I received a cry for help from her earlier today. Can anyone help my new friend of like opticalness? There is nothing worst than sitting around collecting dust, rust, mildew, cobwebs, with my mount becoming a clothes hanger, my tube a large desktop paper weight and being condemned as a relic of the observational past. We must find a way to snatch this fine scope from more years of this abyss. I know what it is like.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Hey OJ, I'm Clementine.You look really great and have kept yourself in very good shape for an orange tube celestron. I hang with Drive-by sometimes but I'm not in as good as shape as you, my mount is rather worn and my mirror is scratched. Although Drive-by thinks I'm fun to use sometimes. I stay at his office now but I too was in his garage for some time. We should get together sometime. I will send a picture of me someday.
SUG is cool. You will have an awesome new home and have some good times down at the marina. He can really put on a good night sky show. I like Mrs. SUG too. I think she likes me too.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hang on Clemmy help is on the way and we will be there as soon as we can!

Mr.SUG is mounting a campaign to rescue you from further neglect and abandonment. "No quality scope deserves such treatment" he was heard to have said.

Mrs.SUG wants to take me out to the backyard soon and enjoy Saturn's rings and moons.

The other scopes are still very quiet........

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

Oh yay a new telescope to play with for Ritchie!
Happy first light to you both! A friend of my dad had a telescope 14 1/2 inches and he lost interest. ( nsg picks up SUG from fainting after hearing that) I always said well if you want to sell it let me know. After I recieve my 12 inch Qkyquest ' Ambrosia' which i am VERY VERY happt with, then he decides to tell it. It is a dobsonian by the way, I thought oh now you decide agter 5 years, well two inches difference is not enough to buy it and i do have a Barlow lens so I thought i'm keeping Ambrosia.
I am looking forward to hear how happy OJ is to be out showing SUG good times under the stars.
(omg what the what?)
Also I have posted my how to take care of your star maps when they are dewy.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey NSG, OJ will be doing a lot of outreach in the months to come this was the main reason for his rescue. I was impressed with the condition he is in - amazing!

I wonder how many scopes are in storage somewhere just begging to be used.

OK I'm picking myself off the floor!!!!!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Dear OJ, I think I'm falling for your sleek clean looks, old school Orange OTA, and nice optics. I haven't felt this way about another telescope in years. Can we get together some time for some photons?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

OJ you make my orange tube blush and my corrector plate all dewy when I think of you.
Buona notte il mio amore!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear Clementine,

Thank you for your nice comments. I do have a history(long ago)of making other telescopes swoon.

Now that I am older and more seasoned I must concentrate on the task at hand - showing off the cosmos to the citizens of N.Nv!

My days of telescopic romance are behind me and I most fulfill this new found lease with SUG. Freed from my prison of non usage I am a focused SCT!

Besides I just sent Mrs.SUG a invitation to spend sometime with me!

Now I understand you have some minor glitches and some wear - not a problem. These can add to your character and uniqueness. Just look at my owner - glitches galore, worn here and there but he keeps going and he gets noticed! So can you my friend in the far east!

That TV101 your owner has is kinda cute - check him out but watch for an ego!