Monday, March 29, 2010

WOW Picture - OK for me it is!

Full moon tonight with clouds failing at hiding her gaze upon me through the window. Winds are blowing at 70+mph with a chance of snow. Sierra foothills early spring! No Venus, no Mercury along with their dance to be seen in the west. No Mars, no Saturn. No just Luna in and out through the haze but this caught my eye on APOD and I'm wondering how did I miss this.

Kimble's Cascade and NGC 1502 which was featured on a recent posting on this blog. This duo is a favorite and I enjoy climbing up and down the cascade with my telescopic eye!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Yes, how many times must the SUG look up
Before he can see the sky?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Hope you didn't get blown away.

So right my friend that Kemble's Cascade is a fine sight indeed!

Johany said...

I always liked that song Drive-by! I remember singing that one in school!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Yes it is a dandy and fun in binos too!

The winds were howling as only Sierra winds can.

"How many times must the SUG look up before he can see the sky?" Drive-by once again waxes poetic but this is a true statement. In my experience the sky show is always new and unfolding in it's display.

In my experience Johany Mike has a habit of making many people sing with glee!!!!!!!!! Are you using your new DeepMap 600?

Johany said...

I'm in the process of mapping out what I want to see in the night sky tonight and using my Deep 600 map to do it. I have a lot of fun just mapping out tonight's mission! Can't wait?

What do you think of me joining the Astronomical League? Are you a member? Do you think I should put off joining until I get more familiarized with the night sky?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany I like how your thinking! The AL is a fine organization to belong too. Is there a local club you could join? My feeling is anything that will help you enjoy your hobby is good. The key is not to get bogged down and enjoy what your doing.

Currently I am not a member of any club or organization. I have worked my programs under the NASA Nightsky Network/ASP and receive materials and handouts for my efforts.

For some reason I prefer to outreach solo but my efforts have opened to me a whole circle of folks I would not have met otherwise. I am currently helping 2 people locally in their new found passion. I do like observing with others but I seem to do my best when solo. And thats OK for now.

My hope for you is that astronomy will be a lifelong joy that you can share with others. Who knows were this will take you. Do the things that foster excitement in you. For me outreach does this.

Enjoy the learning curve, savor every moment and discovery. Share it with another and you'll have plenty to rant about here!

NEAF will blow you away!!!!!!!!!!

Johany said...

I am so looking forward to the NEAF! Counting down the days!

Unfortunately, there are no astronomy clubs near my area. One of the things I like about the AL is that they give you observing certificates with pins, like for example, the Binocular Messier. They give you certain objects you need to bag and tag and when you complete the task you send in your log sheet and they send you a certificate of completion and a pin to go with that task!

If astronomy wasn't already fun without the award!!!

What do you think of that?