Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More March Madness: First Quarter Delights

After being clouded out on Saturday and wind blown on Sunday Monday unfolded with sunny skies, light breezes with very dry air. With Luna's half covered face at not quite at zenith this can make for some neat views of our tag a long moon - and it did. I left my camera at home so no pics of my peeps but I had some really interested folks this evening. I had 27 throughout my 2 hours out and many were totally floored by what Luna was showing. This is a easy moon for people to learn to navigate around on - just orient the correct image map, set the scope, give them a major landmark home base, let them loose. Autumn D'Amico was walking the marina with her dad and mom and before long they fell under the Sidewalk Guy's spell of March Madness. After a 10 minute SUG Lunar Lesson on to the scope. Autumn is a quiet sort of 15 year old but when Lunar light hit her eye she she let out a burst of glee. Before long she doing detailed sightings like the one in the pic which CR150/UA was happy to provide. Her dad John commented he's never seen her so excited about anything dealing with science before. Autumn is waiting patiently for her drivers license but she took an extended drive across our moon with her curiosity, openness to try something new as her permission slip. By the way she drove great with no mishaps and her folks did not break a sweat at all with her behind the wheel !


Johany said...

You did it SUG. You gave her that dreaded and very contagious disease "SUGINITIS". I feel so sorry for her with her prognosis and all. I don't think anyone has EVER recovered from SUGINITIS before!!!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

That one moment. That one experience in her 15 years of life may have changed her forever. Not so silly to consider as many of us remember that first time looking through a telescope and never being the same since.
Its moments like that that make our outreach efforts so rewarding.
I wish I could have been there Richie. Maybe she'll continue to drive down that road as she gets older.
Way to go buddy!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

No one recovers. No one!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

I had a fun day at work today. Treated my afternoon patients with some awesome H-alpha vies of the Sun. The staff did a fine job of keeping the little 60mm Coronado on its target. Hope to do a little lunar tonight too. Great day here today. Is SUG off to the Marina again tonight to intrigue his followers?

Sidewalk Universe said...

SUGINITIS - I like this a lot! I will follow up with her and check on her infection level!

No program tonight Mikey, cloudy today and SUG has house stuff to do besides the normal trouble I get into.

You are a full service DC! Did you have any snacks?