Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Astronomy Photon Phood Passion

Here I am again waiting for our skies to clear out. Our spring temperatures have arrived along with Venus low in our western skies, Mars high in the southeast, Saturn low in the southeast along with a new Lunar cycle with a waxing Moon all during early evening hours. Lots to see and share along with Orion wonders and star clusters scattered about the sky like so many islands across the oceans. But I and they will have to wait a little longer. Mr.Drive - by aka "Great One" so honored recently by the Buffalo Astronomical Association mentioned something about APPP - Astronomy Photon Phood Passion. I think you would agree that this is one unique astronomy blog. I will be posting my outreach activities when I am able to do them but in the mean time I want to have some fun. Mr.Drive -by is right, good food and good astronomy are things that fill my life with joy. I like eating well, I like looking up well into the heavenly vault...........

Something to eat with passion: Almond Anise Biscotti. Oh the power to please is in these twice baked cookies with a decided crunch, nutty and old world flavor in every bite. I had so much fun putting these together and enjoyed watching the way the they disappeared over the course of two days. No guilt at all enjoying them, they are lean with egg whites and low amounts of fat. Cindy enjoyed hers with a White Bloosom Tea & SUG with Earl Grey! Here's the before and after treats!

Something astronomical with passion: Looking beyond the eyepiece is an important part of my hobby. I like my sky to be personal, meaningful and one way to do this is to learn some names - star names! We grow in relationship with others with the introduction of names, and personal history hence the starry sky becomes more personal as I dig into this sphere of inquiry. And how meaningful it is. This book is in my opinion is the definitive work on the subject. Not a fast read, no this is to be pondered and read over the course of years. An exhaustive history it is and totally fascinating. No way can I remember all the names, but it is fun to rediscover them over and over again!

Like the delicate biscotti flavors which intensify as they sit in a container your taste for astronomical lore and history will grow as you pursue it. I never thought that this subject would intrigue me, but it has enriched my life. This journey is to be enjoyed all comfy in your favorite chair with a hot something in your cup with a biscotti nearby.

SLURP, CRUNCH & FASCINATION a complete package!


Johany said...

Photon cookies look good! Save one for me and for "Oh Great One!"

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

Re: Here I am again waiting for our skies to clear out. Our spring temperatures have arrived along with Venus low in our western skies, Mars high in the southeast, Saturn low in the southeast along with a new Lunar cycle with a waxing Moon all during early evening hours. Lots to see and share along with Orion wonders and star clusters scattered about the sky like so many islands across the oceans.

That was absolutely beautiful to read Ritche. I loved every word and wow, just a great round up of the skies in general. I went outside tonight and after reconnecting tonight I came in to do some of my astronomers work and then stopped by here to see what is new and read this before heading off to bed, thanks for the bedtime story.

Just so nice to read, I copied the words and put it on my fridge.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany I will have a fresh batch tomorrow! How many should I put aside for the "Great One"?

Hey NSG that is a BIG compliment - thanks! I went down to the Marina tonight and loads of people about and loads of clouds! Bummed but as I did my power SUG walk I had several recognize me from last season and inquired about when I would be starting up again. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

I know Johany likes biscotti, what about you NSG? You are a coffee fiend and astro blog queen who must have a sweet tooth somewhere.

At the rate Johany is devouring this astro stuff she maybe the DobQueen by next year! One never knows!

Johany said...

DobQueen...Nice ring to it. I like it!

I have a question SUG. I want to get the Orion DeepMap 600 that you highly recommended I get and that you use all the time.

If you can, would you check out the following link?


I want to know if the Orion 600 map has ALL the deep sky objects one can see easily through binos. I know that the Orion 600 has deep sky stuff for when my new man Dobs comes this Xmas. But does it have a lot of binocular delights, especially of the ones you told me to check out on our previous posts?

Thanks so much SUG for helping me out with this. I really appreciate it!

Oh, and make sure that "The Great One" doesn't hog all the cookies! He's a hogger, that one!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany go and order your DeepMap 600. Believe me you will be staggered by what you will see with this as your guide. The 600 is easy to carry, folds up nicely and easy to handle while observing. This atlas you where looking at looks great - can you do both? You would be well armed. Do you want a map or atlas? No she wants both! See what's happening!!!!!!!

The only things that will hold you back will be sky conditions and your personal level of curiosity mixed with patience as you hone your eye and sky driving skills!

I was not aware of this site and some of the goodies here. I may need to shop myself. See how your helping me out!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Johany Johany Johany. Evertything is all about Johany now. Now Johany is royalty? Dobs Schmobs!
I'm hanging with the 40" Alvan clark REFRACTOR at the Yerkes Observatory.

Yee Haa! I'm TV NP101 and your not!

Johany said...

SUG,thanks so much for the advice! Is the atlas I told you about similar to the Deep 600? Does the Deep 600 also contain lots of binocualr objects?

The reason why I'm asking is because if the atlas I told you about is only for binocular objects and if the Deep 600 has the same binocular objects too plus all the telescopic objects then getting the Deep 600 would be the ideal choice. Especially if it has all the binocular objects of the atlas I'm telling you about.

I would love to hear what you think about this. Especially since you yourself own this 600 map!

And to "The Great One." Don't be hating! It's not my fault that I'm invited to the Vatican to have breakfast with the pope! It's not my fault that Bill Gates and I are going to a star party together tomorrow night! And it's certainly not my fault that the Queen of England just called you to tell you not to bother coming over because she's having me as her special guest instead!

Don't hate the player. Hate the game. From now on, you may call me "Your Royal Highness" or "QueenDobs" for short! I'll be coronated tomorrow by the Queen of England. You and SUG are more than welcome to watch!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

My apologies to SUG and Johany for the behavior of TV NP101. He's out of control. I have been assured that he will recover from this state of apochromatic illusions of grandeur. I pray he'll come to his senses upon his return.

It too allowed my little recognition award get to my head. I would be most humbled and appreciative if you could forgive me and resume calling me Drive-by.

Johany when you get that Dob I do like "QueenDobs" although NSG does certainly qualify for such accolades.

Continue to enjoy the night sky with chart and binos in hand. You will certainly benefit from acquainting yourself with the night sky when you do get your telescope at the end of this year. You will be off and jumping from one celestial morsel to another.

Give my best to Liz!

Listen well to the SUGster as he provides excellent advice in both the astronomical and gastronomical arenas.

A sensational sunset over Lake Erie was enjoyed tonight with Mrs. Drive-by and some non astronomically anointed friends as we enjoyed a dinner of Corned beef and cabbage at a lake side eatery.
A wonderful 2day waxing crescent with its night time side illuminated with earthshine against the deep spectral colors of the darkening twilight sky. And yes she was joined by a Venusian wonder. Named for the goddess of love and beauty... which of course brings to mind the better halves of SUG and Drive-by.

Of course it was necessary to race home and drag out a scope and admire Selene's magestic beauty. Oh the stunning beauty of Petavius and Langrenus with their central peaks and steep rims and the advancing sunrise across Mare Crisium. SUG were you there to see it tonight? Yes we will see Richie's Ridge and Mike's Pile by tomorrow eve. I only wish I could stay out the rest of the evening.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany you should be fine with the 600. Everything or just about whats in the Atlas will be on the 600. I think the Atlas is a good product but the 600 is easy to use, you can fold up the portions you are not using and it stays open without fumbling through pages. The beginners package that was offered with the Atlas is a nice package. Chandler stuff is good stuff! Excellent star wheels and charts. If you need a star wheel than package offered is a good deal.

As your sky surveying skills grow you will find yourself picking up all sorts of Atlases, charts etc. I use all of mine either beginner or advanced! Fun!

Get your 600, a red flashlight and get to work!

We(this blog crowd) will be cheering you on and we are expecting significant observations from you!

Johany said...

Thanks SUG so much!!! I'm going to be ordering the 600 Map today.

And Drive-by, you're so right! How can I be called "QueenDobs" if I don't even have a Dobs yet! I'd rather give that epithet to Nite Sky Girl. She has a monster 12 inch Dob! That thing must be a beauty! Hopefully with no attitude! :)

Sidewalk Universe said...

Uh Johany you will find out soon that EVERY scope has some quark or minor disorder.....somewhat acquired thru the owner/operator. NSG's Ambrosia's will show up sometime.....

Some are just more obvious than others!

I'm gonna do a outreach tonight - CR150 with his new UA mount - yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Soon as I'm done with work I'm heading to the marina. Heeeee's baaaaack! Yeah the SUG is back in business.
New mount and the CR150.. what a pair. Do not miss Petavius with Wrottsley to the west and Mt Biot aka Richie's ridge and Mike's pile. The terminator will be a wonderful place to reside tonight. Don't forget to head north to Endymion

Sidewalk Universe said...

Yes Mr.SUG is back with pics and posting to follow. I am trying for 3 events over the next few days.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey drive-by thanks for the heads up

By the way my friend I heard no comments about the biscotti from you.