Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Funky Weather So Let's Eat And Dream

The title says it all so lets have a virtual munch:

What to eat: Oven Roasted Cauliflower, Squash & Pan Seared Garlic Basil Chicken Breast. So fast and easy to do. Really any combo of your favorite veggies will do which are cut to size, coated with olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper - roast in foil . Use a very hot pan, olive oil, fresh minced garlic, basil, and a little season salt with the chicken. Total prep time for this dinner 30 minutes. Cindy found some really good brown Basmati rice at the store so that rounded out this dinner. There were scant leftovers!

And a virtual dream time:
What to look at : Here's NGC 1501 another gem to be found in the faint constellation of Camelopardalis the Camel. I had a very mystical observe with this planetary nebula last season and in my opinion this is one of the finest and I like it much better than the famous M57. It resides over 4200ly away yet it stands out like a cosmic gem stone being presented to you. It's color is striking along with the ripples seen in its annulus. Oh the star field that surrounds this has been star is outstanding.

Like the roasting veggies in my oven I imagine the 11th magnitude super hot white dwarf star of NGC 1501 providing plenty of ultraviolet energy to "roast" the gas and set it aglow! You will come back for seconds with this one!

Hey if I can't observe and outreach I will eat well and dream! If you want to you can email me your food and object idea for the Healthy Eating & Observing Club and remember "healthy" is a relative term!


Johany said...

I gotta say SUG, I LOVE the close-up photos of the food you make! The chicken and the cauliflower with squash was so darn appetizing that I'm actually going to my grocery store to purchase the items so I can make it for dinner tonight!!!

Like I said, come out with the HEOC cookbook already!!! I'll be the first to buy it!!!

Can't wait to see what other dishes you'll be cooking up!!! Keep it up!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I have a couple of tasty things that I cooked up this weekend. May see them written up with an astronomical side dish.

I had a break in the weather yesterday so I started my Orion DeepMap 600 Blitz last evening - fun to see something again! RED the old Coulter scope was out with me and it was fun to star hop again and cruse the cosmos before the clouds rolled in at 9 p.m.

The object featured with this yummy dinner is one you will want to see for yourself. It is truly stunning. Once you get your scope, and learn the basics this planetary will be on your 2nd tier of objects to hunt down. The first tier includes major guide stars & constellation layout, Luna, and planets and the Messier objects. You are already on your way with the first tier! Really learning this first tier will keep you very occupied for a year plus.

The second tier includes the Caldwell Objects, DeepMap 600, hunting down telescopic comets, double stars. This will keep you very occupied for a couple of years and you will go back to the first!

SUG'S 3rd tier is advanced and detailed views of all you have seen with surveys & observations of various types using different catalogs.

There is a lifetime of stuff to see, hunt, and enjoy - yes and to eat too!

Johany said...

Oh, I can't wait!!! There's only so much you can do with binos. I can't wait to take a look at the Great Orion Nebula!! It will be perfect for Xmas time!!! C'mon Santa, get here already!!!

Do you have food sensitivities like Nite Sky Girl too?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Why wait to see the sky goodies - is there a local astronomy club in your area? Try to hook up with them & look through all the scopes at a star party! Check with NASA Night Sky Network. SUG's sponsor!

Do not minimize your binos! Not sure what you have but there are several good books out there by Phil Harrington who is a bino astro guy deluxe! Mine get a lot of use and just about everything I looked at last night could be seen in binos! A number of years back I did a Messier Marathon with mounted 70x20 binos - great time!

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