Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Under The Skies

With Spring weather and good skies it's time to hit the old Marina and have some fun. Last night was my kickoff of 3-4 evenings of street astronomy. So much to see and share. I started to set up my table around five or so and within 10 minutes 8 had stopped and inquired. Set up CR150 and my little outdoor school room was surrounded by a hoard of folks anxious for the show to begin with questions flying like a press conference! I did a modeling session of the lunar cycle and then turned them loose to locate our smiling waxing crescent. Here was a group of 12 + all facing west trying to locate this skinny moon - folks who never met before captivated with a single cause that only a few minutes before would never have entered their minds. I was busy with no down time and just time for this one pic of Jay and Theresa who were the first to spot Selene got the first look with CR150 digging on Day 3 Luna with Mare Crisium showing off its wares. Fifty six visitors this night. More to follow.............

Update 3/19/10 Friday night street astro is always a good time. Lots of folks out and about and the SUG was active sharing his cosmic wares to the public. I was marketing to small groups all evening, 5-7 folks at a time which made for fun modeling times in which everyone played a part. Someone is the Sun, another is Venus, another is Earth, another is Luna. How come we see Saturn's rings like a wire across it? Lets model it! What about the seasons or the lunar phases? Lets model it! The views were neat too. Just ask this young lady in the black coat. She was glued to the scope!

Mike and Jayde bought their kids Nathan and Chloe down to the cosmic market get some astro provisions. Views of Luna, star clusters, and Saturn ignited fun conversation and a good hour under the skies. This family loves science and the arts so we had a fun connection with both. I find that as I attempt to give a personal touch to all my visitors different points of connection open up. The sky is a wonderful catalyst for this. Needless to say my social bucket was getting full!

By the way Mr.Percival Lowell stopped by and asked that I specifically show off Mars and bragged about his very large Refractor telescope down in Arizona. I would expect nothing less from him!

47 visitors this time out and a tired Sidewalk Universe Guy.


Johany said...

Man, I would love to go to one of your outreach parties. It sounds like so much fun!

56 visitors! Nice!!!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

That crescent Moon was GORGEOUS to the max last night !! I loved it, you can see the outline of the shadowed Luna a bit. I was going to take a pic of it through my scope last night for my observing journal but my f--king camera decided to die, NOW my cats decide to be photographically cute.

So April 1st I'm buying a new one. at least I got a cool shot at Saturn before it croaked.
Welcome back to sharing the skies!! It must have felt really good! I bet some people will let you know they've been waiting or looking for you at the pier you set up at.

Re: star clusters scattered about the sky like so many islands across the oceans.

NICE to read. The Beehive will be a treat next month when Mars crosses the star clusater, i'll have it on myu planet page. Enjoying getting my page ready for people.

Lets have a great summer making it the best observing season everyone ! woo hoo!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

I forgot .. one of my readers sent this, incase your going out with your scope tonight..

Closest approach of the Moon to the Pleiades until 2023

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey, ladies, it was fun last night! Love giving to the public the unexpected!

NSG is there any street astro for you this year? I'm sure your blog will be ready for the tidal wave of new astrobies calling with cries of HELP!

Hey Johany when $ permit, why don't you pick up a laser pointer, some cheap star wheels, and fashion some red flashlights? You could be the Constellation Queen of your family, friends, neighborhood, local park, son's school, your city, state, and...

What do you think?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Great night out Richie. Bravo. I'm sure they were glad to see you back. I don't see the mount in the picture. How come. Just too busy busy to get a bunch of photos. Mrs. SUG needs to be your photojournalist!

Johany said...

I will do that! My 600 star map should be coming this week! Can't wait to get started bagging and tagging!

NSG is right. The crescent moon was absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't stop staring at her!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Themore I look at your pictures the more I like that whole new set up Richie. I'm coming to get it. Sorry but I want it. You better keep your garage locked. I will get it so you might as well leave a couple of scones nearby. Red will be happy that you will be using him more.

Sidewalk Universe said...

You know my Drive-by Solar Program deluxe pal CR150 did mention something about being open to a move to the east.

He now wants to hang with a "higher class"owner operator! Have you been talking to him behind my back?

You still have not chimed in about the biscotti in the previous post!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

My apologies.I have been waiting for my package of biscotti to arrive. I do believe a postal worker must have confiscated the aforementioned package of Richie's finest biscotti.
How about you leave some biscotti and scones near the CR150 when I come and scopeknap him. Could you also provide a pot of coffee nearby. They are some pretty amazing looking biscotti.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear Mike,

All the fore mentioned items will be ready for you. RED and 12.5" have requested a transfer to better digs along with Gumby & Pokey. None can handle the separation of CR150/UA. My outreach stuff will also be joining them............

Drive-by Astronomy said...

I again must apologize. The Drive-by's family of social workers have scolded me for attempting to break up this perfectly happy, content,tight knit, well fed family of telescopes, clay humanoid and his equine sidekick from their affable astronomy loving, scone and biscotti making, outreach performing, lunar loving, cool Dad and great spousal companion owner.
They will always be SUG's companions and outreach partners. They must stay in Sparks,NV for this is their home. The residents of Sparks need them. Our nation needs them to stay in Sparks.

I'll visit the gang some day in Sparks.I'll just keep your Rukl.