Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SUG Spuds & A Overstuffed Horizon Hugger HEOC

Here go once more with the over active imagination of your blog host. As I was preparing dinner I got to thinking about our Solar System and a little rocky world we are just now beginning to understand in harmony with more questions.

The Munchies : SUG Spuds version 2.1 - Twice Stuffed Baked Potatoes. So much can be done with a spud but this is a family favorite. I like to take my baked spuds and carve out the insides and mash them up, mix them up with assorted veggies; in this case frozen mixed peppers and peas par cooked along with mashed steamed winter squash. Seasonings include sea salt, black pepper, paprika, sage, cumin, season salt. All this mixed together with a bit of Greek style yogurt and olive oil. Place the mix back in the spud shell till over flowing & bake till done. The combination's are endless has to how you stuff 'em and season them. A little work but worth it. Tonight's will be served with fresh garlic green beans.

The View: Mercury that little Inner Solar System Planet that speeds about the Sun and dances in our line of sight for precious fleeting moments - sometimes morning, sometimes evening. Never far from the furnace which blasts it environment. This place is indeed twice stuffed & baked and a joy to see in the twilight sky with its orange/tan glow. Baked & stuffed twice over by a impact which most likely renovated the whole place with a super large core and a active magnetic field!

In my years at the eyepiece I have had only a handful good views - just some shades of light and gray, and patches. Go to the Mercury Messenger website for some great pics and info. But the naked eye view of this place is always a treat for me. It is common to see Mercury in conjunction with our moon. Now here's 2 twice baked impact morphed and formed objects side by side in our skies! One near, one far.

Check it out folks!


Johany said...

I think you should come out with a cookbook for astronomy in the lines of HEOC. I would be the first one to buy it!

I've made similar potatoes before but I NEVER thought of adding vegetables to it, including winter sqash (yum, yum...).

Yours look soooooooo much better than mine!!! Hope you left me some! I'm coming over!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Just like this blog and its editor nothing fancy. But these are very tasty and when teamed up with a salad it is a nice meal. These make great leftovers which I love to graze on when I'm out in the back at the scope. Love the Spuds but it is a challenge to keep them healthy!

We will be able to see Mercury toward the end of March in our evening skies. In fact there will be a nice pairing of Venus/Mercury in early April. This will be part of a fun outreach street astro event. Clear skies, clear skies!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

How did you get food incorporated into your bog/ astronomy ? Interesting concept.

and I've been meaning to ask you, how does it feel to be re-connected to your astronomy again ?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Good questions NSG and thanks for your interest. Check out my posting for Sept 19th 09. Mr Drive By Astronomy and I banter a bit in our virtual coast to coast observes. Food just kinda came up and it just kept on going from there. I am very food senstive but I like to eat well so I just connected the two. A bit different yes and maybe strange to some but I am having fun with it. Sometimes stuff just pops in my head. My blog started out as a journal of my outreach activities(which I hope to start soon) and other stuff kinda came in based on relationships building & and having some fun.

I am really excited about my astronomy! The skies cleared here today and I am either going to do a outreach or start my Orion DeepMap600 Blitz tonight - maybe both! How many of the 600 can I see over the course of a couple of nights. I miss connecting with the public too so a bit of juggling is in order!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

You and I have a lot in common, I have food issues also. I have Celiac Disease so I have to be careful.
I'm glad your back to your astronomy, I got unfocused for a while and wow my soul is happier and I feel better when I'm into my astronomy, I cannot imagine life without it at all. My new post describes how I feel,
two nights ago I stepped outside and it was still cold out but the sky was amazing!! Then I came up with the words on my post.

AND IT IS SO TRUE!! Would make a great t-shirt!