Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun Earth Moon Tuesday Street Astro

I missed doing a Saturday program due to the weather but Tuesday bloomed pretty along with a open time slot for the Sidewalk Guy to get out and do some astro pollinating! Lots of folks out and about mid afternoon with temps in the 60's - perfect! This outreach pulled in 87 visitors to my celestial educational center. This group stayed with me for a hour+ with folks coming in and going and we modeled and discussed so many topics. The Sun Earth Moon system was our jumping off point to the cosmos!
Eric came by on his bike after a couple of fast laps around the park with his workout buddy. They were glued to everything and later Eric came back to enjoy some late afternoon Luna views. With map in hand he was off surveying everything the moon had to offer. When others came by he readily gave up his "box seat" and then was at it again. This went on for sometime! He was kind enough to help me with crowd control and handouts to interested visitors as he shared about his views through CR150 with his infectious smile and tales of discovery.

Seems like this pollination effort is showing some fruit already!


Johany said...

Like I said, SUGINITIS! I wonder if they make a vaccine for this? This infection is spreading fast! It will be epidemic before you know it!

Better watch out SUG. The CDC have their eyes on you!

Oh, my Deep 600 map came. I'm so excited to get started with it!!!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Great looking outreach setup in a great looking location. Some awesome numbers of people you're reaching. Oh how nice it would be to see a a scope operating in the 656.28 nm wavelength. SUG needs to narrow his bandwidth.. Don't you think?
It was a great here last night to spend some time with la luna. South pole was amazing and nice views of Hesiodus rille, Clavius, Longontanus, tycho, Pitatus and the gang.
Hope you get out to see your crater that I named in honor of the SUG Clan... Capuanus. I haven't see her in a while.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany guys in black sedans are following my every move. Like today I'm walking to the market and and this guy is shooting pics of me from down the road from a black sedan. CDC???????

Glad you got your map now get to work! Please be sure to update us on your progress and you may blabber all you want here for we understand! Remember there are NO small observations.

Hey Mike even CR150 is asking about a 656.28nm pal to observe with. I am dreaming of this all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What time I had on this outreach at the scope was so cool. CR150 is a Moon killer!

Johany said...

Geez, SUG. What have you done!!! Not only are the CDC after you but now you have the MEN IN BLACK as well? I feel so sorry for you, my friend!

Marc said...

Now that's a telescope!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Marc is back!!!!!!!!!!!

I know he'll be nice to me!


NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

astro pollinating! good words.