Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday In The Park Marathon Outreach Event

What I thought was to be a 3 hour outreach featuring our Sun Earth Moon System turned out to be a outreach long distance race. They just kept coming and coming - and then returning with more family and friends. Was it fun? Yes it was. Was it worth it? Yes as many lives were enriched questions were answered, and a few potential astrophiles added to our ranks .

I started at 2:30 and finally closed shop at 10:15 with folks wanting more but a local brush fire closed us down. Using my NSN tool kits we covered Lunar cratering/phases, scale sizing of the Solar System. Folks loved the Pocket Solar System as it was fun watching people walk off with glee with long strands of register paper flowing in the light breeze excited about their new creation! The power of planets is strong indeed!

I met so many nice folks along with this cutie pie who just loved Luna's wonderfully complex surface. She came by with her folks at just the right time as I had a small break and the scope was hers! It must have seemed monstrous to her but when her eye hit the eyepiece she was transported to new vistas and her nice smile was beaming on her face. This little girl fell for the Moon big time!

At dark Saturn delighted these new astro explorers with Titan in tow and ring shadow giving Saturn a mascara look! Eye make up on a planet, imagine that! All this led to more hands on demos and scale modeling. All in all I am estimating 160+ visitors and one tired outreach guy!

Special thanks to my visitors that supplied me with bottled water, and snacks during my longer than planned stay!

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