Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can This Be Seen From The Patio ?

As you my readers know I am a avid Lunar Universe Guy or LUG. With a Earth lassoed Luna in our skies at various times throughout the month it deserves some measure of observation. It truly is amazing what can be seen if we take the time!

This was posted today on LPOD and it captured my attention. Crater Aristillus is a fine sight at 1st / 3rd quarter moons and shows a half bright rim at high lighting times.

But this release shows these dark rim and ray features which I have not spied before. Half the battle is just knowing that they are there - now the chances of seeing them are greatly increased!

I am planning a dedicated observe time to bag this crater treat in July the worst weather month in my area. But maybe we will have a window on the waning part of Luna's jog when she is high in my morning sky and some more stable air to look through! Coffee and scone will be ready along with a temp adjusted scope on the patio. CR150 or 12.5" masked off will be out on the patio for this observe!

Crater Dionysius will show us dark rim and ray features also; the right sun angle and patience is required. The western rim of Tranquility is a great observe at sunrise/set and it is a easy capture with the "Quail Covey" of Sabine, Ritter and youngsters pointing the way!

Wonder if I can bag both of these Zebra Craters at the same time with a pre 3rd quarter observe?

Here is a Clementine pic of Dionysius too tease us a bit!

Does any one else want to be Lunar prospecting along with me?


Pembs Astronomer said...

Definitely Lunar prospecting for me in July.

I still haven't had first lunar light from new observatory.

Hopefully I will be able to take some photos for the blog as well...

Fingers crossed

Clear Luna Skies


Pembs Astronomer said...

Good Luck with the prospecting...

Mark :0)

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Just some more dopey craters... that I will spend hours observing with SUG/LUG.
Hey Sugo lets load up the scopes and go to Wales and join "Pembs". I hear my special eyepiece will allow me to look further around the limb from there.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Pembs (Mark) We need more quality Lunar pics - get to it! "First Lunar light from the observatory" - imagine that. If you are able to spy more moon stuff because of that shelter around you please let us know! OK to rub it in with the rest of us exposed types.

Hey Drive By:That does sound like a good idea! How does your special Lunar Curvature Eyepiece work on mirror based optical systems like TAL 1? Is Wales ready for the likes of you?

The Urban Astronomer said...

At the San Francisco Amateur Astronmers (SFAA) Glacier Point Star Party last week, I had a good close up of Copernicus. I'm not as much of a Luna Man as you, Richard, but nonetheless I was delighted to see the deep shadows and the excellent rays traced around it, highly visible around First Quarter. Keep up the good work with the public. We did a bang-up job for the Yosemite guests last week!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Yay! Ritchie is still online!
I am back online with a new blog and ready to continue! Let the pajama wars commence!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey NSG nice to see our professional astronomer with a kid's outlook back.

I will be chiming in on your blog so be ready?

P.J. Astro Wars? OK but remember you threw down the first gauntlet!