Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sidewalk Universe Guy To Patio Universe Guy

With some changes going on in life - all good by the way I thought that this summer would be a time for me to gain back my "personal sky". Yes time for me to do some personal observing. This will involve everything from simple observations of the constellations, movement of the Sun, Moon and Planets, and detailed observations of anything that is up there!!!!!! So we are to morph for a time from SUG - Sidewalk Universe Guy to PUG - Patio Universe Guy! I will more than likely do some outreach somewhere but for now it is about me, my sky, my hobby.

So with this renewed observing zeal over the last week I have had time to enjoy a bit of the universe from my light surrounded Sparks NV backyard. Lately my beloved double stars have been on the forefront in the constellations of Virgo, Libra, and Serpens. I will blog about these later as today's observe of our waning one day before 3rd quarter Luna started my day out on a good note! My goodness was my brain on overload with this observe. To be honest when I first started at 6 a.m local with french press joe in mug, a nut butter sandwich, pineapple wedges and banana I was not impressed with the view - if anything kinda ho hum. Yes all the normal features for the moon during this stage of its cycle.

But then it happened : PUG is hit with Lunar Fever. And it all started up at the north polar region with the shadow line on Bond and highlighting the surrounding region with Barrow and Goldschmidt, and Anaxagoras seen in shallow lighting from the setting sun. Their rims and peaks all aglow in the twilight conditions.
This is the best pic I could find for the moment and other pics are seriously wanting for the other not so obvious features I was observing. It is a real shame that the Lunar north pole is ignored by most observers for its subtle detail, changing tilt, and fun lighting changes over short time periods really puts on a show! It was fun over the 2.5 hours out to see these peaks and walls light up and then dim down!

Now Sinus Iridum is a frequent stop for every observer but with today's oblique rim view due to a tilting away Lunar north pole kept me glued here for awhile! This is one tall curved wall with its various layers seen in with ease in my ultra dry high altitude air! Prom Laplace (on the right side end) was seriously lit up!

There was so much Lunar eye candy today I can't mention it all here but here's one off the beaten path - crater Drygalski on the lunar s.w limb. Today's view was awesome with it's north and south rims and central peak right on the lunar limb with no sign of it's back rim due to the Lunar tilt!

By the way Drive by Astronomy joined me for a spell over the phone from his clouded in Buffalo digs and he only made one rude comment to me!

My neighbor Edi daughter Rachel joined the PUG for awhile after she heard from her dad that I was out in the cool of the morning and glued she was to the 17mm views enjoying the lit up mountains and holes too many to count! In the shade of a tree with crisp blue skies over head her eyes where filled Lunar delight.

May more folks flock to the friendly skies of the PUG yard to take in our sky!


Johany said...

PUG....I like the sound of that!!! I can't wait to hear more of your discoveries as you search for all the wonderful gems and treasures in the night sky from the comfort of your backyard patio! Do I hear some HEOC as well? Yum, yum!

Paulie said...

This is good. Outreach is fun, but after the "Wow" of the Moon and Saturn, there is a quick drop-off to "that's it?" Some time alone under the sky, or a few others who share the passion is good to recharge.

After a miserably cloudy winter and spring, these first few nights of summer have followed suit. It's hard to get others excited about the sky when I've barely seen it myself, so when I've had clear nights, I've been out by myself, with Hillary, or a few Calumet Astronomical Society members I see at our observatory. I need that time, and it sounds like you do too. Clear skies,and ENJOY!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I am planning some "PUG Serious" observing this summer as weather permits. I am ready, scopes are ready, lack sleep ready, healthy munchy food ready, bug Drive By ready with endless texts/emails & anyone else I can corner ready!

I am planning at least 2 dark sky nights out of town for some IC planetaries - "is it a blue green star or the stellar detritus from a worn out star?" The hunt is on!

My friends lets get astro serious with some fun banter too!

Pembs Astronomer said...

Such enthusiasm....just what's needed in astronomy...

I agree with your.. gain back "personal sky" I've been doing a lot of non astronomy things lately...time to get back observing for myself...

Sinus Iridium always a favourite...
I've put Drygalski on my list of craters to find ..thanks for that one.

Really enjoying looking through your blog.....


Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks Mark!

Hey I hope my other pals here will visit Mark's blog also!