Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Dawn Of SUG

Drive By Astronomy who visits this blog now and then decided to have a little fun with yours truly.

A number of months ago his fertile and creative mind delved into the evolutionary processes responsible for the existence of the Sidewalk Universe Guy. It appears that the recent appearance of the Patio Universe Guy (PUG) may require further study and observation.

Drive By is presenting a significant scientific bases with field research for the existence of the SUG highlighting his various stages of growth, self awareness and astronomy discovery.

Yes it has been a long journey from the slime to the sidewalks!


The Urban Astronomer said...

That is really funny, guys!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Much thanks to the National Science Foundation for funding this extraordinary research of the evolution of the SUG.
It my understanding that he is currently de-evolving and reverting to his former primitive state.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Yes I do ooze every once in a while!