Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ed's Growing Astronomy Addiction

Hi I'm Ed and I am getting hooked, well no I already am. I am finding out the sometimes little things make a difference. I want to share the sky with my inquisitive daughter Rachel, my friends and neighbors - yes that includes Richard(SUG) who is right across the street constantly monitoring all I do. In fact he's looking over from his green lawn as I take this picture! So some other purchases were made:
  • How about a new laser pointer.
  • How about a DEEPSKY 600 chart which the SUG very passionately recommended for my growing observational skills, "this will keep you busy for awhile Ed" he quipped with a smile like a crescent moon on his face. "With this and your Telrad Charts you are set, and I'm always here to help". Yes you are SUG, but will you leave when you need to?
  • And what about this fine yellow cart with the big tires to move my little observatory around? Richard went through the roof with this -yellow is one of his favorite colors and the "big wheels will help keep the scope stable as we move it" he said with excitment. And I'm thinking "what do you mean by we?".
I have not been able to do much observing due to weather, heat and family stuff. But August is going to be fun. SUG said to "observe the Moon anyway" but if I do will he leave at a reasonable hour, will I be able to look through my scope, will my brain be overloaded with Moon stuff from SUG's banter! How do I manage myself and this other guy? Your comments are welcome :>.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Ed great new astro stuff. Love the wagon.
Call a realtor tomorrow. The SUGster is the H1N1 of astronomical infectious behaviour. He is a Class I Astronomiphile. Look for new life in other state.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Ed there's a house for sale right down the street from me. I would never be a bother like the guy across the street with the perfect lawn. Nope never. I mean never. We could.. I mean you could take that new scope of yours out anytime and enjoy the wonderful views above and then you could text or email me what you're currently observing. Ahhhh... we could... I mean you could have so much fun together. I mean together with your wife and daughter.
Yep Big Ed that surely is a nice new scope ya got there old buddy but nope I wouldn't think of interfering with you if you were right down the street from me. Well maybe if it were a really clear night we could roll that nice new 10" Zhumell Dobsonian out with that really cool yellow wagon and I could take a quick peak for a while. On a rare occasion or two maybe I could borrow an eyepiece now and then, or a star chart. I could come over sometime and we could look at star charts together and just hang out or take ride to get coffee or go to Home Depot to walk around and look at lumbar to build our...I mean your new observatory that would be right down the road from me. Maybe we could plan a guys vacation to a dark observing site or do a tour of various observatories around the country.
So, my new friend Eddie boy, be rest assured that I would leave you completely alone to enjoy this wonderful hobby. Yep I wouldn't ever impose.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Ed is taking great comfort in your words and considering the offer Mr.Drive By I have been instructed to tell you. SUG

Marc said...

Can I visit? The sandbox should be big enough for me and at least two refractors...I won't impose, you will barely know I am there looking through the 10"...d'ah I mean my Refractor.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I see a trend coming together here.I think we should all invade Ed's astroworld all at one time. He is part of a much larger community of people that want to "encourage" him in his quest of the celestial!

Yes Marc it is a big sandbox!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

First of all close yer ears ' screeaaaaam!' you have deep map 600 ! I can't get that over here in canada. I love my astronomy addiction. Couldn't imagine my life without it ..i fell off the wagon and saw stars once!

re:right across the street constantly monitoring ..

ooh so that's what he does with his binoculars!

re:what do you mean by we?
i just spit my coffee out chuckling at that line. WARNING! -->ACCORDING TO MY THESAURUS addiction also means 'enslavement, fixation,monkey on back . I could have typed the word ' obsession' but don't want to scare you.
( sitting here lmao now )

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

forgot one of my readers ritchie said i'm insanely hysterically funny when commenting on my blog.
don't meant to me , just bein meself.

i thesaurused insane -- batty, cukoo, mind's off rocker. woops sidewalk universe is too it says ' maniacal moonstruck' LOL!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

woops on your blog i meant .. ok going away to have coffee out too late last night scoping out stuff lol

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey NSG,

I think you really nailed it - we are all a bit loony here. We are compulsive, fixated, yes obsessed! It is good for us to come to grips with who we are, and what moves us. We share in something so wonderful, others should be in such a state with us!

Glad you have a 600. Fabulous tool for anyone with a modest scope and so easy to use. I can still here the echo of your scream!

Now Mr.Drive By/Mr.Marc's postings above are very telling about some other disorders us astronomers have to come to grips with..........