Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Of The Moon And Coffee

I know I am really pushing things here on this blog lately. I will be starting outreach again to the public next week so for now we have an assortment of random stuff. Here's some more. The add said "Bali Blue Moon Coffee Medium Roast, Maximum Taste" in the grocery store's advertising . Why does this stuff keep happening to me - everything in life somehow becomes astronomical in nature. OK don't fight it just go with it so here we go:

  • "Once in a Blue Moon we discover a coffee that sends us over the moon - this is that coffee". I became a coffee drinker just this year. With both my kids working for Starbucks I got started on drinking the stuff in the morning and I like it. Armed with all sorts of coffee drinking tools and paraphernalia supplied by my boys I like my coffee strong and with attitude! I have been observing the moon since I was 10 years old and I am constantly sent jumping over it all the time and that does not require a 2 full moon month to do this. I find the moon is always filled with character and a attitude which says "just try to figure me out". And you have to keep coming back for more just like coffee!

  • "This coffee has us all moony-eyed" says the add. One thing I know for sure a good way to start the day is with a good cup of joe and a waning moon in the morning sky. July, August, September are great months for this and I can't think of a better way to start my day! After a fun filled observing session with the moon I am not at all earth bound ! Coffee may stay in my system a few hours but a moon view will carry me for days!

  • "Bali Blue Moon Coffee is exceptionally full bodied, has a rich smooth flavor, with a bit of chocolate finish and acidity throughout. Like other Indonesian coffees it is robust with a hint of creaminess but less earthy". OK where do I begin. The moon is always "full bodied" it just depends on your perspective in space and earthshine does a great job of lighting up shadowed sections of the moon's face from time to time! Is it smooth, well that depends how you define smooth! Some parts of the moon are smoother than others but that is a relative term! I have never tasted the moon but the Apollo astronauts say it "smelled like gun powder" after they retreated to the lander after a foray on the surface! A really good dark chocolate bar and a coffee with the moon in your telescope is one sure way to stay up all night! Is the moon robust? It certainly is because it is the largest moon in our solar system in proportion to it's parent planet. The moon is creamy every now and then; are there clouds rolling in? But is the moon really "earthy". Most researchers will tell us that the moon's origin is due to our planet earth being impacted early on and the leftovers formed it so it is "earthy"!

  • "This coffee is good anytime of day" And how true of the moon. I just enjoy it whenever I see it in the sky and even when I can't at new moon. Just knowing it is there hidden in the glare of the sunlight is kind of neat! I am starting to like this iced coffee thing too in the middle of the day. I better buy some teeth whitener!

  • How do I like my moon? Easy answer; all the time. How do I like my coffee? Strong with honey and rice milk to the brim please! How do you like yours fellow astro peeps - I want to know!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I'm still waiting for you to do your "Cup of Joe and Jupiter" or "Richie's Latte and La Luna" at the Starbucks your kids work at. Hey "SUG" you've been slacking a bit 8^)

Sidewalk Universe said...

Indeed I am slacking off..........I have not had a outreach program for over a month! But I was cut short by some bad weather in late May and early June and other sundry stuff. But I have enjoyed the personal/virtual observe stuff!

By the way I see an absence in your note of your favorite moon/coffee.

What's up?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

By far my best cup of Joe was at last night's Virtual Lunar Observing(VLO) session...Day old reheated microwaved coffee directly out of the office coffee maker, double creme, big mug, servred at 1am while observing the moon,Jupiter, and other objects with my outreach pal. Picture to follow

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

first of all instead of typing Sidewalk Universe into google I typed in sidewalk dude and couldn't figure out why the hell I couldn't find your blog !! LOLOL!

aaaaaaaaah cofeee coffee coffee ! i like it a- lo- ot !
That's my coffee song I made up.
I like my coffee black and hot ! ( whaat?? ) wow okay i must need some! Just plain is how I like it no cream no sugar just pure coffee. "Armed with all sorts of coffee drinking tool " LOVE THAT ! words are so fun to play with sometimes.

The moon and coffee always leaving me saying ' i want summore! both are yummy ! ' my sister was visiting me and brought me a disk with computer stuff.. after a night under the stars i was ready for coffee... i had the canister in my hand and she started to puter talk about inserting it yada yada .. i shook the can and grumbled .. holy crap i haven't had my coffee yet ! priceless moment LOL !!

Bali blue moon, greatest moon description i ever read dude! wow that was great !! need a second cup of that !

any time of the day is the moon WOW ! no matter if i'm an astronomer or what i have a bad habit of yelling ' the moooon! yay the moon's out yaa yaa the moon ! i just blurt it out but last time i saw it i noticed a few looked at me like i was nuts .. i say .. don't mind me i'm lune- ey bout the moon!

I can take my coffee and the moon ANY TIME. my mom will ask if i want some then she'll say .. oh look who i'm asking !

hee! great words ritchiedude! love it!

Hey ! we should open a coffee shop together! call it ' moon coffee 'n' pajamas ! ' all the waitresses in astronomy themed pajamas!! HAHAHAHA !

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

And the top of the tables can be pics of an astronomy book cover !!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey NSG,thanks for sharing your coffee and astronomy addiction issues with all of us! It is good that we all come out of the closet with this stuff.

The coffee shop with an astronomy theme - that has potential!

I feel like such a coffee "weenie" next to you - black and nothing else. Wow! How about Drive By's day old stuff!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Hey I want in on the Astronomy Cafe. Actually Richie have been very close to performing the prototypical test run of this entrepreneurial astronomical venture with your "Cup of Joe and Jupiter" at the Starbucks where your kids work. I think its time to get out there.
I have not yet donned the PJ's for an observing session. I must do this soon to join the club.
It may also be time for NSG to go "VLO"

Sidewalk Universe said...

I am working on a Starbucks outreach later this year - maybe September?

Yes Mike you do need to try an observe with pj's in your back yard. With the moon waning right now this is a perfect time. Wonderful early morning time with Luna and Jupiter. I tend to observe better with them.

Astronomy Coffee Cafe is something we need to brainstorm about. It must be OPEN ALL NIGHT!