Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Virtual Lunar Observation Coast to Coast # 2

Sometimes you can't get enough of a good thing. Mr. Drive By Astronomy in Buffalo N.Y. and the Sidewalk Guy in Sparks NV. once again connected via the digital airways to conduct another lunar reconnaissance mission. My weather had by late afternoon had become totally stormy and my partner had clearing sky. Mike was ready for bear with his awesome Televue 101, Sky and Telescope folding MoonMap, and Blackberry. Me with my son's Mac laptop connected to virtual Moon Atlas, and my old Rukl Atlas with a broken binding. What sights did we see? Here's a few:
  • Sunrise on Plato with shadows of it's rim against the flat floor.
  • The shadow of Mons Pico looking like a lonely sentinel toward the west against the lit floor of Imbrium.
  • How about a wonderful sunrise around crater Timocharis with maria ridges near by.
  • A totally incredible sunrise around crater Eratosthenes with it's thin connecting bridge to Mons Wolf.
  • Sunrise on Mare Nubium with the Straight Wall pointing us to the Deslandres transition crater it's rubble floor and tag along crater Hell. We started to see the first glimpse of light upon crater Pitatus and it's multi-layered rim. Nubium was very impressive and the pic above shows a similiar view Mike had in his scope!
  • The "Regent of Rays"Tyco is just now seeing light along it's extensive rim and mimics a annular solar eclipse! It is fun to see the rays before you see the crater!
Besides our views we had some fun with lunar poetry to describe our sights of these things with one another. Mike is very much the wordsmith. I will post these a little later. Mike had to battle the elements of a western N.Y. thunderstorm but his endurance won the day. Thanks Mr. Drive By for a neat time!

July 2, 2009 update: Mr.Drive By just left me a message stating that our astronomical safaris are costing him some friendships................are we a bit ocd with all this? Sometimes it is fun to be ocd. I am not sure what effect all this is having on his marriage. Some folks will never understand us astronomers!

July 5, 2009 update: Mr.Drive By sends me another email telling me of the joys of his latest lunar recon on the south western edge of the moon. The craters and impact basins are jumping out at him through the telescope eyepiece. It appears that Mr.Drive By has a good case of Moon Fever. His wife is very patient at this point but their social life has definitely taken a hit!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Yes you have definitely infected me with a severe case of lunar fever. It was definitely a blast and one of my best observing session when we had our joint Virtual Lunar observing gigs-- "La Luna and the Tale of Two Cities"
The wife is still on board with this astronomy guy. The friends are starting to return now that they understand that this astronomy compulsion is an actual physical and mental disorder-- DX: 42° 9' 2" 79° 15' 29"- "Unexplained and Abnormal desire to view magnificent celestial objects under dark skies with a red light strapped to your forehead".
Thanks Richie-- I now look forward to those bright moonlit nights again. I paying much closer attention to lunar details. Also I'm almost hoping for some cloudy nights in WNY so you can take me on another virtual tour.
Last night I was in awe of how many craters have that distinctive eject appearance and that western edge was wonderful-I think I was viewing areas of my lunar charts.
I beleive the treatment for our affliction is to perform more observing so as to build up immunity. I did find a local group of LA-"Lunarholics Anonymous"
"SUG" you are... the Man!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh my, things you come up with - "La Luna and a Tale of Two Cities" too much fun Mike!

After several years of dealing with this affliction I have not known of anything which will knock it out completely, like the Moon's monthly sojourn about the Earth it will wax and wane but never completely disappear from your system once embedded!

You will forever have a abnormal desire to gather photons bouncing off the lunar surface. With any chronic condition the key is management with a good coach! I cannot be this coach for you as my need tends to run amok most of the time!

I will start a list of "12 Steps" which will help us manage this condition for our LA group!