Friday, July 10, 2009

Showing The Right Spirit

Once again Mr. Drive By Astronomy aka Miguelacutty, Hockey Puck, Mr.Plucky, McG, and the Sidewalk Guy hooked up for a virtual coast to coast observe time with Luna and Jupiter as main targets, and a fine Cygnus variable V460 tucked in the wing feathers of the celestial goose. Mike also was ready with his day old, microwaved warm, 2x creme, in a big blue mug from the office brewing device coffee. After setting up his gear he donned his forehead red flashlight and started in several hours ahead of the Sidewalk Guy. What did we see?
  • Mare Crisium through the evening was putting on a show. Rim features, shadowed floor craters, Dorsum Oppel stealing the show.
  • Crater Cleomedes showed us fine lit rim peaks in the early morning hours.
  • Crater Endymion recession into nightime left only it's western rim exposed to sunlight - we had fun climbing the rim ridges with our scopes.
  • Mare Fecunditatus Dorsum Ridges where awesome as the terminator moved closer and closer.
  • Sunset on Petavius and the "discovery" of new lunar feature which we are calling "Mike's Pile". It is a nice mound just to the N.W. of crater Wrottesley which was casting fine shadows as the evening/morning progressed.
  • Even the western rim of the Moon under a lunar high noon light was killing us. Mare Orietale with it's lakes and rim features, Byrgius crater rays, Schickard's multi-hued floor.
  • Jupiter gave us a show of moons disappearing and reappearing with in a 10 minute time span. One in and one out! I am not sure what moons they were, I was to engrossed to care as I just wanted to enjoy the show!
It was a fun night sharing all this stuff and more. We were connected by our computers, satellite radio with 60's music, coffee in big mugs, red headlamps, charts and books, telescopes, but more than anything just a childlike love of the universe.

Hey Mike, I still cannot find my Rukl Lunar Atlas with the broken binding!


Marc said...

Thats a blast connecting that way with others coast to coast. I would love to do that just with our local gang when we can't get out.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Marc it is a bunch of fun. Great dialog on what we are looking at, humor and a bit of poetry too! You never know what will come up!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

It really is a blast Marc. Richie is quite the selenophile and his lunar observing expertise and skills are extraordinary. Rich you're the best with your witty lunar topographic reparte...
Thanks for naming a lunar feature after me. However, as you have inspired me to observe the moon more frequently and with greater attention to detail I feel it is only proper to bestow upon you a lunar designation of you own. Upon "Mike's Pile" is an area replete with lunar panoramic views-- Richie's Ridge. Oh how amazing the the views of the southern portion of the Sea of Fertility to the west and crater Wrottsley to the east would be.
The 60's music was immensely fun at 3 am EDT. I do think its time for web cams to be brought on board for our VLO's .

Loves the "tiny" rim peak in CLEO and the wrinkled ridge of DORSUM OPPEL in Mare Crisium.

It was great stumbling upon V460 with its amazing ruby color. Upon reporting my find you were upon it within seconds. Love the "tucked in the wing feathers of the celestial goose". nice!
Could my Sparks, NV secret agent operatives hood winked your Rukl?

Marc possibly you could join us upon approval at our next "VLO" board meeting 8^)

Sidewalk Universe said...

There were many things which made this time special...........the biggest is that we both had somewhat reasonable skies at the same time!

Glad you liked the 60's station, it is one of my favorites on sirius.

Thanks for your nice remarks as to my observing/wordsmith skills - I am really a hack with an eye for detail!

The fact that you want to observe more is what this is all about. I lost due to a move my observing bud several years back - never recovered! We would banter on for hours on end under the sky eating Top Ramen, and sharing views with glee and laughter. It was never about equipment or astrosnob stuff, just observe and enjoy the company of another sky lover. One of the best times out was sharing views between my 12.5 Dob and his 60mm far could we go with the Borg!

Thanks for a great time and staying awake Mike!

I want my Rukl back!