Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's my new IYA Galileo Scope just arrived yesterday along with my GTNF to the Drive By Guy.

GTFN: Our roving reporter sends this in from Sparks NV. (Galileo Telescope NewsFlash)

  • The Galileo scope is assembled - even a SUG can do it our reporter claims! It is now mounted on his son's nice camera tripod.
  • First light is a thin 2 day moon 11 degrees over the horizon, craters and rough terrain sighted but with trouble due to atmospheric conditions.
  • Spica is reported to be a fine point with different colors of red blue yellow emanating from the point.
  • Saturn is spied as a disk of orange, no rings or moons seen at this time.
  • Antares is a bright orange red blue point of light.
  • The stinger stars of the scorpion fit nicely into the field of view of the low power eyepiece.
  • M7 sighted as a loose collection of stars flickering in the moving air.
  • Stars of the scorpion's head observed - dbls not sighted.
  • Gamma Sag is seen as a pretty yellow with rainbow effect.
  • B Lib is a pretty sight with magnitude/color difference easy in this scope. "Very pretty" says the telescope tester.
  • B Cyg is a cinch with fine pinpoint stars of orange and blue. Fun sight says the SUG.
  • Alpha-Beta-Gamma Aql all observed with Gamma showing striking yellow tunes. Our report says that the SUG's neck is getting a tough workout with these last two observations due to neck strain with using a straight through telescope design on his son's camera tripod. He will be making a appointment with his D.C.
  • Polaris is seen as a fine yellow/rainbow point. Its B component not seen but parts of the "engagement ring" are a easy catch.
  • Alpha Ursa Majoris is a awesome sight. Yellow and blue components split easily. The SUG is very impressed and decides to keep going.
  • M6 Is a disappointment due to weather - only a handful of stars are seen with it's pretty lucidared giant stealing the show. It is a very pretty red in this scope. The basic outline of the butterfly shape can be inferred
  • Epsilon Peg(Enif) very impressive red/orange with faint wide companion of blue color. SUG
  • M15 is seen s a very condensed fuzzy ball - "pretty cool" says SUG.
  • M8 is sighted! It's brighter cluster members and nebulous haze can be inferred.
  • Jupiter is seen through the trees of the SUGS S.E. backyard corner by his favorite spot to read and drink coffee in the morning. 4 moons can be seen with atmospheric banding visible.
  • "Neptune is ours" cries out the SUG as a pretty blue point . The SUG is pleased to share in the same observations as his predecessor a Dr. Galileo Anzalone D.C.
  • SUG tells our roving reporter to "look at this buddy boy - I can barely see and split my all time favorite Dbl Star Eta Cas". Its ruddy components are just split - a patient observation is required. The SUG IS FLOORED!
  • M103 is barely seen as a small triangle of points - and the raven says"nothing more".
  • Phi Cas cluster / ET. Owl cluster is seen with only the brightest members seen. Phi is a wonderful yellow.
  • Alpha1-2 Cap is pleasing yellow orange duo!
  • Beta Cap is "one wonderful sight" exclaims the SUG as he grabs our reporter by the arm to look.
  • M25 Sag open cluster is seen as 2 parallel lines of faint stars.
  • M22 Sag globular is seen as a fuzz ball.
  • M28 Sag on the threshold of SUG'S vision, but seen!
  • Lambda Sag pale yellow.
  • Mizar/Alcor system observed. it reminds SUG of his first scope as a 10 year old as the view is very similar. He wipes away a few tears from the joyful memory.
  • M23 Sag Star Cloud is a river of star points across the whole field of view. SUG waxes respectfully that he feels honored to share in the same view that Dr. Galileo Anzalone D.C. had so long ago..................and bows his head in silent memory.
  • Gamma And is a lovely orange, but no partner stars sighted.
  • Delta Cep is a "stunner" cries out the SUG, even though his neck is whacked out by this observation. 2 wonderfully colored stars of yellow/blue.
  • Mu Cep (Garnet Star) "is incredible with this small scope - the golden red is so intense" exclaims SUG as he falls over with delight and glee.
  • IC1396 Cep is seen with its famous triple star center only seen as a fine Dbl star with a reddish primary.
  • NGC884/869 Per Double Cluster along with Stock Cluster? held by a chain of stars from the former. The double cluster fits snugly into the field of view of the 20x eyepiece and is a "wonderful sight not to be missed by any living person" screams out the SUG.
  • SUG reports to us that one of "Jupiter's Moons is being eclipsed by this giant gaseous orb and is clearly seen with this primitive scope".
  • This observation was made by the SUG using the IYA Galileo Telescope of simple a design. Viewing conditions were Mag 3.5 at best with turbulent air. The low power 20x eyepiece was employed for every target. SUG estimates a field of view about 1.25 degrees. Stars where all seen as very nice points, and their color was very obvious.
Note that star color is easy with this scope even with the rainbow effect on the brighter ones.
Here is another example of getting "sucked in" by the sky and just having a plain good time with a simple toy. what started as a"quick view honey" turned into 2 hours of backyard enjoyment.

A comprehensive Lunar report/GTLONF will be forthcoming to a Blackberry near you. (Galileo Telescope Lunar Observe NewsFlash)


Drive-by Astronomy said...

SUG you have a very tidy kitchen albeit cluttered with a cool little IYA telescope.
Judging from your observing report you certainly gave it a workout.

There is a finger print smudge on the number 9 button of your microwave, otherwise the place looks great. However, Im sure your wife would like you to keep your astronomy stuff elsewhere

Sidewalk Universe said...

How observant you are. There are little piles of astronomy stuff in various locations around the house. I like to have something in every room to remind and excite me of our wonderful hobby! But I wonder if the laminated lunar chart hanging in the shower is over the top?

Thanks for pointing out the smug on the microwave..........I will take care of that.

This little session with this scope was so much fun! With the scopes long focal length for it's aperture size the stars where really very colorful and sharp. This not a fancy scope by any means, but it will be a good tool to use with the public next month!

Marc said...

I like the counter top too.

This is a great report because it makes me feel like a kid again with a little telescope. Oh if I could be that kid again.

I like to leave little piles of astronomy around the house too but sometimes it gets a little excessive and K reminds me of it now and then.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Marc - this little plastic tube thingy as been a bunch of fun. I am waiting till mid/late August when our heat haze flees to really enjoy it some more. I really had a bit of a past rerun with it.

If you want to be a kid again hook up with Mr.Drive By and do a VTO - TO MUCH FUN AND EXCELLENT BANTER! With you guys on the same time zone? it could be fun. Drive By's geekeness is to be experienced!

I told my sweetie yesterday I would work on ONE of my piles later today!

Marc said...

Here is the Cloudy Nights contribution to the scope.

Marc said...

Or rather, its here...oops

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

Well that answers my question, when i saw the photo I thought ' holy crap how the hell is he going to see deep sky stuff with that little paper towel roll. LOL

Sidewalk Universe said...


It's long focal length allows for some fun viewing. As noted in my post the star colors where nothing short of outstanding! I will be taking JUST THIS SCOPE mounted on my yard sale tripod out to some dark skies next week -it will be fun!