Thursday, April 2, 2009

4-01-09 Luna and Saturn Street Astro

If you set the right theme - the right things will happen! Both the Moon and the ringed wonder Saturn and its covey of dynamic/diverse moons will open up people to discovery and enjoyment of the universe. Two wonderful Solar System objects that are easy to view, enjoy, and get more acquainted with. Joe stopped by just as I was setting up - he visited with me a few weeks back to view Venus, and Orion's star factory - he was excited to have the chance to some more street astronomy! Joe is a physical therapist who helps stroke patients recover their lives. We had a wonderful and detailed Lunar session with Joe glued to the telescope first seeing large features and very gradually working down the line to fine crater and maria features which are usually seen by seasoned observers! And these detailed views led to great questions about Lunar geology, origins, and impact dynamics! All this before Saturn's opportunity to produce another WOW time! Needless to say Joe had a blast and the astro guy here is hoping we have created another astronomy addict!

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