Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4-28-09 Time To Get Out And Do It - Luna, Mercury, Saturn.

Our very temperamental Sierra Nv Mtn weather has cleared out again - is it winter or spring? Whatever it is the sky is full of fun things and I am rested and ready to go with Luna, Mercury, and Saturn all vying for attention! After enjoying last weeks Venus/Luna dance and eclipse in the morning sky along with Sunday's Mercury/Moon/Pleiades traffic jam and last nights front yard Moon view I am pumped up to go share this stuff with the waiting public! The pic on the right shows a similar view we will share tonight of sunrise on the Fecunditatis Basin with wrinkle ridges. On the far left are the "hills" of the Crisium Basin which were outstanding last night with sunrise showing off there true extent and height - it was fun to meander through the channels between the "hills"! Langrenus crater just right of middle should be showing it's stuff, central peak along with floor fractures, ejecta blanket full of secondary craters, and terraced walls. Click on the pic and blow it up - TOO COOL! I get really worked up about this stuff, how about you?


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Just got in from enjoying some beautiful views of La Luna! Glad you got back out there. The people of Sparks are surely rejoicing once again for your views of celestial wonders. Does the Sidewalk Universe Guy have his Astronomy Day gig planned?

Sidewalk Universe said...

You know what's really funny is that after I posted this the weather here turned sour - our evenings have had high winds/clouds!During the day it is beautiful! So I haven't gone out yet - maybe tonight?

I have an astronomy song and dance routine I'm working on for Astronomy Day! Wanna help?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh yes there is a chorus of song as I venture out into the public domain......I can hear the voices of the celestial orbs saying "show me, show me" in my head!

Sometimes these voices get real loud. Luna is particularly loud!

If listen attentively you will hear them also, then you will know you are in tune with the cosmos and tuned out of the real world!