Monday, April 20, 2009

4-15,19,20 Mercury / Saturn Round - Up Street Astro

After a brief hiatus it was back in the saddle again bringing the wonders of the universe to the public with two worlds that could not be more different - Mercury the forgotten lost in glare of the Sun baked rock/iron slab and Saturn the glitzy movie star full of rings and things which dazzle our imagination and make us dream of space. The Longney family; Todd with the cool hat, Lanay behind those sunglasses, and sweetie-pies (R-L) Keira, Amy, and Anachel saw what was going on and went to their car grabbed a blanket and waited for the show to begin! I gave them the challenge of being the first visitors this year to spot Mercury in our western sky - to see a world that so few have seen in our modern era and learn about a world that has a story to tell us about our origins. They met the challenge quite nicely and found time to enjoy Saturn also!

I had 95 visitors for these three events with most getting a earful from me!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

The residents of Sparks, NV Rejoice--"Sidewalk Universe Dude is back!" I love all your people pictures and personal tidbits in your posts. The people part is what truly adds to the enjoyment of our hobby. It's so great to share it with others. Hats off again to the "Western States Astronomy Outreach Guy of 2009". Please allow 6-8 weeks for the certificate to arrive 8^)

Sidewalk Universe said...

You are much to kind!

Is the certificate already framed?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Not framed but its on its way!