Monday, April 13, 2009

A Speedy Little Iron Ball and A Solar System Showoff

You asked for it and you got it - ok maybe you did not not ask for it but your going to get it anyway! What am I talking about - Mercury! This little and mysterious world makes it's best showing for this year over the next 2 weeks and I will be highlighting it at the Marina along with the Showoff Saturn and it's paparazzi of icy moons. I went to the Marina last night and I was able to spy Mercury in the NW just above Peavine Mtn before the clouds socked us in. So in the early evening I will be focused on this tiny forgotten world if the weather permits - then on to the Showoff.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I didnt get out of my house last night soon enough for a glimpse of Mercury, but I did have a nice couple hours of observing. Hopefully tonight but I think the clouds are on their way.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Glad you got out. We got socked in here as evening fell.........totally clear and beautiful most of the day, go figure! Today does not look much better.

Were you doing late winter or spring objects - both? We have good summer stuff in the early a.m. skies which I will do later this week. 3 A.M. anyone?

NiteSkyGirl said...

mercury? awesome sidewalk dude!

i was out tonight, wrote it on my blog. Was researching pics for my next one and came accross a video you'll like!!!!!!

going to get my 12 inch dobsonian out tomorrow night for it's first light!
so excited!!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

The people of Sparks, NV await you. Where's the Sidewalk Astro Geek Guy been? I've read the headlines read..."Sidewalk Universe Guy missing under the Nevada night skies!"

Sidewalk Universe said...

It is nice to be missed! But I am back with a vengeance to meet and greet the unsuspecting public with astronomical goodies to lift us up a bit from our everyday lives!

When I am not the astro-geek guy I'm just a geeky guy, just ask my wife and kids - they will tell you!

How can we not do this fun astronomy stuff and remain ungeeked!

I need to get a copy of that headline!