Monday, April 6, 2009

4-05-09 Finale for100 Hours of Astronomy

Along with hundreds of amateur astronomers world wide the Sidewalk guy of Reno-Sparks attempted to reach as many as possible during this blitz of astronomical public relations. After a very energetic session Friday evening at the movie theater it was back to the Marina Sunday to finish up my effort here in N.Nv. Great weather and clear skies with a beautiful gibbous Moon with Saturn in tow made for a convenient pair to enjoy. Hendrik here was a very active participant and was soaking it all in. His mom mentioned that he is an excellent student and enjoys space oriented things. This young person spent a good deal of time at the scope and with the large format lunar map - and through some active modeling He will never forget that the Moon is on average 30 Earth diameters away! I had over 55 visitors for this session with lines at the resource table and scope much of the time. I wish I had time to take more pictures - I worked with some really neat folks and inquisitive kids!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I love it when kids spend the time at the scope. Maybe he'll be joining you in a few years down at the lake with his own scope. Love the snow covered mountains in the distance. You definitely did your part for 100 Hours of Astronomy!

Sidewalk Universe said...

You know Mike it would be really neat to have several kids like this one man the scopes and I can sit back and just enjoy it all and play coach!