Thursday, April 2, 2009

4-01-09 Sun Earth Moon Connection Street Astro

I have been wanting to do a program of this type for sometime and today seemed to be perfect. I have always viewed our Sun - Earth - Moon system as the entry way to comprehending the universe for the general public. Daytime astronomy at it's best. How about this:
  • Safe Solar viewing
  • Daytime Lunar explore
  • Model Moon phases
  • Model Earth's seasonal change
  • Poster presentations of Sun and Moon
  • Atlas presentation on the Sun
  • Recording Earth's spin by the changing Sun and Moon altitudes in the sky.
Free handouts such as posters cd-roms, book marks where dispersed in abundance to the delight of my 36 visitors over a 2 hour time span! Randy and Barbara stopped by with their fabulous tandem bike after a few laps around the Marina to get some daytime astronomy and received an abundance of space science for their time. Randy is a part time teacher and really enjoyed the whole program.

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