Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 HEOC - More "Healthy" Eating & Observing Club

Two of my favorite things, astronomy and food. I like big flavorful, eye popping portions of each with leftovers, imaginings for quick snacks, and dreams throughout the day. Besides my street programs have been bust this weekend due to a severe late winter snow storm piling white stuff up - what is a SUG to do? Anyway lets have some fun.

What to Eat : How about this quick,easy meal - Honey Ginger Garlic Chicken with Peppers. This was so easy to prepare and cook (25 minutes) served on brown rice. I topped mine with red pepper flakes and I never go easy on the fresh garlic when I'm cooking! This flavorful dish disappeared in a flash with copious portions being doweled out. Just the broth alone with the rice would have been tasty! A warm filled feeling in the tummy and spicy sensations in my mouth as I view the snow fall piling up in the backyard.

What to See : Our northern winter skies are filled with so many wonders but this one is a favorite. NGC 2371-2 of Gemini is a planetary nebula of the bi-lobe variety hence the 2371-2 designation. This gem is easy to find being just southwest of Castor. But at a staggering 4400 ly in distance makes this a object "not of the quick glance" variety! To enjoy this celestial morsel good skies and medium aperture (8"-10") telescope is needed along with some patience. But you will be rewarded! This compact stellar detritus responds well to high magnification and OIII filters. So much here to ponder and savor as we see stellar winds, shock waves, stellar pulsations in action along with a bit of cosmic recycling!

As stated last year if you have a fav food and object combo you would like to share just email me under these conditions:

  • Must be healthy - a relative term depending on the individual. Healthy portions are accepted.
  • Average backyard telescope friendly. That's it!

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