Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Tale Of Two Refractors

Two telescopes, one story. What is that story? It is one of exploration, discovery, and happy moments. Sometimes a quiet evening out under the heavens in solitude , sometimes with a crowd of eager "I wanna seers"! These scopes share a tale of pin point stars, views of planets and the moon, sharp views views of double and multiple star systems, excellent sky contrast with the Milky Way's stellar graveyards & nurseries. They are just fun to look through! But with a scope comes a owner to and each pursue astronomy with vigor and delight. They too have a tale to tell.

This is the GOR - Grand Old Refractor as coined by it's owner Marc aka Backyard Astronomy who chimes in on this blog. In this pic GOR looks like the " Sentinel of the North " with her polar axis aligned on Polaris , the setting western Sun and her 102mm lens and observing gear all set and preparing to go to work . Refractors go the distance and age gracefully. GOR over the last years has had some upgrades and fixes which have given her a new life! She spends her time surveying double stars galore and giving her owner much to blog about along with helpful tips on telescope maintenance - Marc lets you into the everyday world of his hobby. GOR is one of several refractors which fill Marc's eye with photons. But this one is special. Marc also likes fast boats and motorcycles and also spends time in the slow lane taking in the sky above and photographing the Earth below. But nothing touches his life like this scope and the celestial vistas unveiled.

This is TV 101 or a Televue 101 Apo Refractor. These are the scopes of dreams with their color corrected optics and excellent workmanship - the picture of modern amateur astronomy. This jewel is shared with many as the pic shows. Yes it is savored alone by the Drive By Astronomy in Western NY Mike with DETAILED Lunar, double star, variable star observations but he relishes all opportunities to gather light energy for the curious showing off the heavens in all their glory. Look at that line, look at those faces! Look at what one telescope can do along with along with it's owner!

What is your scope? What is your story?


Johany DeMarco said...

These are some really nice scopes! I don't own a really good scope yet. I'm waiting for Santa on that one this year. I have 2 useless telescopes from Walmart that are junk. And I mean that literally!

For now I'm using some binoculars I have in the house to learn my way around the night sky. When Xmas comes at the end of the year I will be totally ready! Nothing wrong with having a good time learning!

I can't wait to christen my brand new scope with some cool name! I'm counting down the days till Christmas!!!

Nice refractors, by the way!

Marc said...

Gosh, I don't know what to say...Thanks for the nice comments SUG!

I'm so great!


PS, the little snob is being a sore loser.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

I am the coolest. I do have the finest optics and amazing workmanship. At public events or star parties the lady scopes of female astronomers cannot resist my good looks and charm...and yes my NY swagger. Look how the masses line up to ogle my perfect OTA and Nagler-Petzval design.
"GOR" and "Red" no offense but its just in the genes. You're very affable scopes and I like you guys but its me... TV 101 NP!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Sorry everyone. TV 101 has been having a real attitude problem lately... a real ego!

SUG thanks for the nice post-- very kind.

Johany disregard the nonsense spewed forth by TV101 NP. There are all kinds of scopes out there that can give you a lifetime of observing enjoyment. And to teach TV101 a lesson and maybe "cool his jets" a little bit I'm going to take out my "Astroscan" next time the moon appears. It gives astonishingly nice views of her!

My apologies GOR. You are Great!

What a looser you are TV101 NP you better change your attitude!

Your Humble Astro Pal,

Sidewalk Universe said...

Just what is it with these snobby telescopes? TV NP101 sounding like Pronto? Is this just a inbred TeleVue trait? You give them a little attention and look what happens.

Johany when you are ready to purchase remember that any telescopes personality is JUST as important as the quality of the optics!

If CR150 pulls stuff like this when he has his new mount he's back on the shelf!

Johany said...

Geez, I wonder what kind of attitude my future 8 or 10 inch Dob is going to have. From what I hear there is some MAJOR inbreeding going on!

I don't want to end up calling my Dob some Hillbilly name like Billy Bob or Bubba! With my luck my scope is going to have an even bigger attitude than TV 101 NP!!! Ahhhhh, the joys of childhood!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Most Dobs are very laid back in nature. Even the monstrous ones seem to have a quiet confidence unlike other scopes. Dobs can take on a variety of names, some science oriented, some fun and personal. Night Sky Girl calls her Dob "Ambrosia" I believe named after a friend of hers. Drive By calls his "Zhummy" and he will have to chime in as to why. Dobs seem to go will with personal names.

Great way to start on the moon! So much can be seen with binos. Are you using a moon map, atlas of any sort? Neat waxing gibbious seen here last night with the shadow line on eastern Sea Tranquility - no telescope just binos - fun!

Johany said...

I would love to know how "Zhummy" got his name!

Maybe I'll name my future Dob after a mighty God or hero from Greek Mythology, something like "Zeus, Hercules, Perseus, Hades, or Kronus."

For all I know maybe he'll end up looking like a "Billy Bob" or "Bubba!"

Who knows???

And SUG, to answer your question I'm using a moon map from Sky and Telescope along with some Night Sky Issues to find my way around Luna. Night Sky was by far my favorite magazine. I got every issue since it first came out. I really wish they would bring it back!

Maybe when I go to the North East Astronomy Forum in NY in April I will tell the Sky and Telescope people a thing or two about bringing back this awesome magazine!!! Take that ye Sky and Telescope people!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh my going to NEAF! Great fun indeed. Your infection level will go up and up and............

You may catch Mr.Drive-by by the TeleVue table or the snack bar. Check the snack bar first.