Thursday, February 25, 2010

How About Another HEOC or No Outreaches Yet Due To Weather

Well the weather keeps me sidelined but not deterred in the least with astronomy or food! When I started this blog last year my intent was to post as a record my outreaches with the public. I want to do that still. But other things started to happen and it is kinda fun for me so here is another installment of the Healthy Eating & Observing Club.

The Dish: Firecracker Red Beans. When Cindy showed me this recipe I flipped. Simple yet complex with lots of different flavors but none master over the others. This dish has attitude and yet totally unassuming. I had so much fun putting this together - and more eating it. Red beans pressure cooked, olive oil, red wine, onions and garlic, allspice, ginger, thyme, mustard, salsa, brown sugar, almond butter, chipotle peppers (go easy Mr.SUGO) all cooked into a thick sauce on the stove top in a dutch oven. The smell is intoxicating. We serve it with brown rice, lime wedges and sour cream. Along the bowl sideline we have warmed flat bread and butter which are just divine when dipped in the sauce. Creamy, spicy, slightly sweet with a lite burn on the roof of your mouth but not overpowering. KEEPER recipe!

The Object: Open Cluster NGC 1502 in Camelopardalis. Oh this one is a treat indeed. Not on the mainstream of constellations The Camel has 3 fun filled objects that are must see but I want to highlight this gem. I love open clusters and NGC 1502 is one of my favorites. Attitude and yet unassuming. A wonderful mix of star colors, double stars all over with a neat double right at the compact heart of the cluster that would be a show piece even if it stood alone. Last seasons observe of this jewel kept me at the eyepiece at least 1 hour surveying its environs. Faint stardust punctuates the lanes between brighter members. It seems to me that every star here is beckoning and jostling for your attention, but none having complete mastery of your eye. One observer but it " this is a fine display of celestial fireworks". I could not agree more as this is a KEEPER object for me!



Drive-by Astronomy said...

Do you have a spare room? I'm moving in. Sorry you have to get one of the guys to move out. I am on my way. I'll be there saturday at noon.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Mr.Drive By you are always welcome as long as you bring TV101 & 60MM Coronado......

Beans beans beans is this all we eat? No, but we do eat a few. Are we gassy planets around here? No, it's all how you cook them and body cleansing is a good idea too.

This batch came out really yummy. I have a graze throughout the day and stuff like this is easy for me to grab and go.

Tonight we'll be having fish tacos - breaded seasoned baked cod, marinated cabbage, green salsa, guacamole, SUG refried pintos.

We might as well eat good for the skies are clouded over for the next few days!

Johany DeMarco said...

Tell your wife Cindy I'm coming over for Dinner!!!

Your rich descriptive use of words makes you feel like you're actually tasting it!!!

I'm coming over now! Get my plate ready!

Johany DeMarco said...

Hi Richard,

It's me again. I just noticed that you posted 2 comments on my blog! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciated the feedback. And I'm going to change the "beginner astronomer" to "amateur astronomer" right away!

Thanks again for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment on it!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Good. I like to visit those who take the time to visit here. The only way to make blog pals is to be one. Also if one can handle the banter here they deserve a visit!

I will be following your progress!

Eat well and if not look up anyway!

Mr.Drive By & Johany: I will prepare extra portions!