Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mrs. SUG Adds Her HEOC

Part of being a successful Mrs. is to have the ability and patience to "train" her guy. Over the years this pint sized powerhouse has done that with my eating and astronomy. Right from the start my eating and health habits came under her items to "adjust" and I have benefited greatly from her wisdom and insights with exercise, nutrition, cooking, and is a consent voice of encouragement in my astronomy outreach. She enjoys a occasional look through the scope as SUG is in the backyard getting really worked up about the photons he is collecting - more than once she has heard " hey Cindy you have got to see this NOW! " Of course my cosmic timings and hers sometimes do not match up as she is doing her online classes, evening yoga unwind. How do you unwind by getting so twisted up?

The Treat : Cindy's Vinegar Chocolate Cake. This item is the bomb - moist, dense, rich in taste and texture with a gooey cooked topping. No diary in the cake, some butter in the topping and low sugar content with a hint of cinnamon. This cake is simply wonderful and when served with some Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream or by itself your taste buds will sing. This one is for the SUG 'S B-day! Usual lifetime of one of these cakes around here is 12 hours - much shorter than the age of the universe.

The Object: M104 The Sombrero Galaxy of Virgo locale is the object that graces Cindy's school laptop desktop. Soon to be seen in our evening spring skies this celestial spindle of photonic delight is a joy in most backyard telescopes. It's dense core, halo along with it's dusty disk are easily seen even from suburban settings. This is a regular object in my outreaches. Cindy loves the pic. Enough said!


Johany DeMarco said...

Your blog is so much fun! It's really funny and great to read. I have been enjoying your posts, especially when you mix great food and astronomy into it!!!

Please continue to keep writing such delightful posts. And keep talking about food as well! Nothing like good tasty food and some astronomy!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to you too!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany, Nice to hear from kindred folks - yes food and astronomy is a wonderful combo. Thanks for your nice words and visiting. I made a quick visit to your blog and it looks great. The people that hang here are average people that love simple observational astronomy, outreach to the public and fun banter. This is not a serious blog at all. We have a fun little community and you are welcome to chime in.

I am looking forward to the weather clearing here and getting out with the public again.

Astronomy Rocks at the Valley said...

I like Mrs. SUG.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Me too. She is a happy Sparks, Nevada girl... and she's married to the world famous SUGster. That cake is almost bigger than her.
The SUGster has all those cool scopes and a cool misses to boot!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Astro Rocks & Drive By,

I remember years ago the first time Mrs.SUG produced that cake for me. We were both chocoholics and the cake did not last more than 8 hours!

Don't let Cindy's slender features, and disarming personality foul you for there is a chocolate fend there behind them. I know, you DO NOT want to arouse it!