Friday, February 19, 2010

Morning Coffee and The Herschel 400

Well after yesterdays little set back it is time to shift gears and move forward. Upon inspection this morning of Red's antic mirror cell reveled that 2 of the screws were completely out of their sleeves so there was movement of the mirror was possible last evening. Normally I will adjust him at home before I go but I was running late from a busy day. Yes I was disappointed. I enjoy doing outreach and meeting new folks, having fun conversations and making new friends.

Spring is in the air here in Northern NV and as I arose from my slumber there on my bed stand was my Herschel 400 Observing Guide ( O'Meara ) saying very loudly "pick me up you knuckle head"! Yes it is time for my yearly backyard sojourn across the skies with the 400 - how could I forget that February/March is my annual kick off to do this. So I grab my night sky friend and begin to pour over pages of fun stuff seen from the SUG yard with his 12.5 Discovery dob. Coffee calling so down stairs I go with new enthusiasm and vigor. Part of the new SUG observing program this year is the addition of my son Jeremy's new espresso machine along with the flavored syrups and stuff to go with it. So I'm "pulling shots" steaming milk and cosmic vistas are filling my brain.........yes it is time to do this again! Oh I hear another voice calling deep from the garage shelves........who it is but the Orion Deep Map 600 yelling "don't forget me"! Twice a year I pull this out for a night long astro blitz just to see how many of the 600 I can see before I drop over. Insane yes but fun! Now the Sirena Espresso machine is chiming in "I fully expect to be a part of these celestial forays Mr.SUG as somebody must keep you fueled, warm and I want you to invite others to enjoy my liquid pleasures".

OK guys I am getting the picture.

But wait is this another voice I hear? Yes from the car comes a muffled but distinct voice of "The Cambridge", the one and only Double Star Atlas given as a gift year. "How could you leave your first love?" bemoans the guide and my heart breaks in two as I hear these words and remember the double star bliss of seasons past. Looks like I have some observing to do................


Drive-by Astronomy said...

SUG could I have a double double at our next double star survey

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Better yet make that an epsilon-Lyrae latte!

Sidewalk Universe said...

This one of our most frequent drink requests.

Would you like yours breve?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Breve. A term I was not familiar with. Upon further investigation I would like mine as such (in the old days I would want 100% heavy creme). Thank You to SUG's House of Joe-The best place for Joe in town.
We do still have to open the coffee cafe with the astronomy theme... could be really cool!

Marc said...

Cambridge! Cambridge! Cambridge!

The Struves await!