Friday, September 11, 2009

09-10-09 Street Astro Challenges And Rewards

I had my time free up last evening with some moderate sky so why not hit the streets! Well it was one those evenings - my visitors where less then interested, enthusiastic, and some where just down right rude and impolite. I would say that 90% of my encounters are positive experiences for me and my visitors but that 10% can be a dozy! Everything from "let me tell you how it is" to "you are wasting your time doing this", or " no one really cares about this B.S." or "let me share out of my "sound bite" science knowledge to all these people you have gathered and go ahead and lead them like lemmings down the road of science nonsense, conspiracy, all because I have a mission in life to do so and to distract your efforts to encourage knowledge and enjoyment of nature". OK I hope you get the drift! This is how it went last night - why not just go home! But this fine young couple came along - Brett and Thao. Both are students at our local community college with Brett in the nursing program and Thao working on her A.A degree. Brett at his young age is also a veteran of the Navy where he was a corpsman serving our sailors and soldiers. For a young guy he already as has a wealth of life experience. These two were a joy to be around with enough questions and interest to cover 30 visitors. This is why I do this - thanks guys for stopping by and making my effort worthwhile!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I always love the young couples... They always seem to really enjoy looking through the scope.
I was wondering if others have had rude people too. I also was stunned the first time someone didnt want to look through the scope.. how could you not at least take a quick peak?
Nice outreach again SUG.

Marc said...

Sheesh! And it wasn't even full moon! What a drag that can be on someone...and it's not like you can really "fight back", you just have to take it and be polite.

However, the young couple made up for all of that!
Good show and keep the smile.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I am not deterred from my mission my fellow astro geeks! It was really going down hill fast the other night and I was getting ready to bag it when these guys showed up with about 6 others and we got into some fun stuff.

I think I need to change my location too. If I have 30 stop by 25 are new folks the never I am mostly dealing with "fresh"takers - that has kept me at the Marina besides it is very convenient to my home.

I will not fight the erroneous visitor - but if they become a distraction I will "challenge" their attitude and lack of manners - they can go set up there own platform/stage elsewhere to dish out their spiel! I can put on my NY/NJ attitude(with manners)real fast!

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

waisting our time??????????? wow I can't experience disbelief enough here. I'm actually stunned. Do they know how amazing it is to be up when everyone is sleeping experiencing a world so amazing life isn't the same when you can't go out in winter because you freeze instantly out there. wow so shocked. my dad has a friend who has a 14 and 1/2 scope .. LOST INTEREST!!!! unfathomable to me that it hasn't been used in 12 years, i keep leaving very subtle hints but he never offered it to me ..yet lol

got another unbelievable one for you couzin stan has a tiny little crappy scope he can't see much with. he wants to buy a dob. i've been telling him he can borrow my 8 inch and try it out , told him how much closer he will see things .. 3 years later he still doesn't believe me!!!!!!!!!! and someone said um she's an astronomer she knows, he still doesn't believe me ..yet he kinda puts cause he can't find things out there in his.

these 2 stories i just told you ..

Sidewalk Universe said...

I wonder how many fun scopes are not being used because of a wrong mind set. I can't think about this!

All of us do our thing because we love the sky, and ultimately we also care, love, our fellow man enough to share it with them and spread the joy.

Maybe its just me but I value others attempts to enhance life whether or not I totally agree with the "product". Putting oneself out into the mainstream of life takes courage, sacrifice, effort, time, passion. These require a respectful mannerly response whether I choose to or not to partake.

OK I'm off my soapbox!