Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RED Catches A Few Winks

Hi telescope fans, here I am after a evening of perusing the skies with the SUG. All nice and snug with my hi-tech plastic bag cover and knit blanket with the early morning Sierra NV cool. I'm tired today because SUG was really pushing my crude optics last night doing a Double Star blitz with Mr.Drive By Astronomy. Oh I like double stars as much as the next telescope but my f/4 optics along with a crude mirror cell, plumbing piece focuser make for some challenges in getting a perfect collimation in order to split anything under 5". I can show the delicate star colors well in spite of these things. SUGGY loves me just the same. Time to catch some winks - SNORE!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Hey SUG you're making me look bad. My scopes are all complaining now that I don't keep them all covered up and suggy snugg. the Tv101 Is getting an attitude even though I put some dew heaters on her frequently.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear Mr.Drive By - I am sorry that my posting is causing there to be discontent amongst the ranks of your telescope gaggle. Suggy has had to do some things in this hobby on a budget, and sometimes no budget so he makes good use of what he has. I do love my cozy knit sea foam green blanket!

I am willing to share it with your scopes after a observe - Its plenty big!

Dew? What's that? Dust? Yes we have lots of dust. Just check out my mirror!


NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

Oh now that's different I LIKE THIS POST !!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear NSG, glad you like the musings of a old cardboard clad mirror based optical system like me - with a plumbing piece focuser!

This is one of my favorite things after a busy observe - to rest under my blanky all "suggy snug" with my plastic trash bag tube cover listening to the early morning bird calls, the sound of the ponds cascade rippling away , and the sound of SUG snoring away from his second story bedroom.

Marc said...

My owner got me a nice Pelican case and foam to rest in after observing. I rock! I'm the best! I am so good!


G.O.R. to Pronto: Shut up you little snotty brat!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Dear Pronto, please get off my case about your case!