Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9-07-09 More Jupiter Fun Stuff Street Astro

With the end of a holiday upon me I though that one more session out with the public would be a fun way to close out this weekend. After a yummy chipotle steak salad dinner with ice coffee I was fueled up and ready to go. When I arrived at my usual spot the Marina it was very quiet and I thought maybe I should go home and wait for a time later in the week - but as I began to set up once again people began to gather, get on their cell phones to spread the word and before long the Sidewalk Guy was back in business - I had 38 visitors last night. Nick in the pic was one of my most inquisitive partakers. He has always had a fervent interest in the universe, and owns a extensive collection of space flight coins which he started to collect back in the early 60's but has had little opportunity to view through a scope. Every view he had brought a smile to his face and a twinkle to his eye! He was able to view Jupiter and its moon show for the evening - which included 2 moons coming together from our line of sight here on Earth! Later on the Moon captured his attention with its wonderful eastern limb craters in stark review. Nick had a confession to make last night which involved him having astronomy books from the library at home that he acquired when he was a kid. He loved them so much he could not return them and they became his when his parents paid the library for them! Sounds like a space geek to me!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Another SUG groupie. They're dropping like flies in Sparks, NV. No one can resist the SUG's charm and knowledge. The Red Monster with the plumbing piece focuser continues to provide astonishing views of the heavens above.
I think I would like to know which books Nick kept.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Mr.Drive By I would like to have my Rukl Moon Atlas back if you do not mind. Nick does not have it!

Yes they do drop like flies, mostly from my garlic breath!

Charm, well everyone loves a middle age guy with a floppy hat and a old temperamental eclectic scope with a plumbing piece focuser and fun astronomy handouts.

Knowledge, well yes I mostly know what day of the week it is.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Oh how I wish I had your Rukl my friend.
Yes you do know what day of the week it is... but in which month.

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

"guy owns a extensive collection of space flight coins which he started to collect back in the early 60's"

wow he should open a blog and put em up on it, love to see em wow must be fascinating to look at !!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey NSG - If I see Nick again I will ask about this - I would post them on my blog for the world to see!