Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This past Saturday evening and Sunday morning marked the entry of one more into the throng of amateur astronomers - yes Edi has successfully completed The SUG ASTRONOMY BOOT CAMP with out killing SUG in the process. Yes Edi put all of his new skills to work navigating the sky like a seasoned pro, and was putting up with all the annoyances of being outside far from home, and learning a new skill set. He was doing it well this night. Later on his wife Billy and daughter Rachel joined us and before to long Billy was bagging constellations left and right! Later we shared a very early a.m hamburger and fries in celebration on his front porch. Way to go Edi!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Bravo Edi and family. So nice to see a family partake in an evening of astronomy together.

Marc said...

Now that's astronomy. Congratulations Edi and family!

Sidewalk Universe said...

It has been fun to see Edi grow in his skill. Even with his challenged vision he is learning how to see neat levels of detail.

He is now free to explore the sky and the SUG must find another Boot Camper! One who can endure my habits and unique personality!