Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pasta and Pizza Powered Astronomy in Buffalo

Well here he is in all his glory, Dr. Drive By Astronomy. Yes he is a legend in his neck of the woods. Not only is he a DC par excellence but has grown leaps and bounds in his observing skills and is quit the Double Star, Lunar, Solar observer. His exploits in outreach to the public are top headlines in the Buffalo area. His generosity to under served kids in his area needs to be applauded.

Whats keeps him going with such a busy life of mending others to health and expanding their horizons? Pasta and pizza - lots of it! Note the "power lunch"the other day! He discovered a whole new class of objects that are tomato sauce based in Pi Aus . Before a public event with his local club it was pizza "to improve my visual sensitivity" he was quoted as saying. This man is truly a astronomical powerhouse.

I feel very fortunate to know him.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I am truly humbled by the SUGster featuring me in his world famous astronomy blog. He's captured the true essence of Driveby and my love of food and astronomy which are frequently engaged in simultaneously.
SUGman did err however. I am legendary in my very minuscule neck of the woods, not for my astronomy expertise but for my eating abilities.
Additionally he is accurate in reporting that recent reasearch indicates that pizza does improve visual acuity. Unknown to SUG is that it may be further enhanced with the synergistic benefits of a Cannoli or two.
Thanks Richie. I am equally fortunate. Gotta go...time for some Ben and Jerry's.

Marc said...

Ah rats...I used to be able to eat power lunches like that routinely but as of my last check-up, I won a free visit to the clinic for a glucose tolerance test...

So much for those power lunches. I guess I will be stuck observing doubles a la veggies (no dip), fruits and good stuff only.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Marc - why don't we start our own healthy eating and astronomy club!

I am feeling a bit of inspiration here. I am sure we could attract a sizable group............