Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Show'n His Peeps

Hi telescope friends, ever since my first posting (SUG has yet to find out) inquires have been pouring in by the thousands for a full profile shot of me and that of my homies! Here it is showing my best side. My peeps are OK -both somewhat geeky but they love me with all my little eccentric details! And I really like it when Cindy takes me out for a view - she always smells real pretty(not like SUG), has a gentle touch(not like SUG), no garlic breath(not like SUG), and she whispers sweet nothings in focuser(SUG will attempts this once in while but it is not the same)! Here we are last fall before SUG takes me on a walk across Auriga star fields!
By the way somebody tell SUG to retire that hat AND I want Cindy around more - without you know who!

9/14/09 Due so many email requests I have another pic of Cindy and me - I was not able to photoshop the SUG dude out of the pic so just ignore him if you can. Many have said that the old Red Coulter and Cindy can make beautiful observing together - I could not agree more! Don't tell SUG about this please.


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Hey Red,
This is Zhummy the 10" Dob. I've been hanging out with a 8" Organge Tube Celestron SCT today and we were really excited about seeing Mrs. SUG. We like it too when Mrs. Drive-by takes a peak through us. I kinda dig the SUGsters floppy hat and he is one lucky guy to have Mrs. SUG around. Red I heard there are some young SUGsters. We never get to see them.. How come?
Drive by took only the TV101 out this morning at 3am and left the rest of us at home.
I guess they really did a number on some double stars and the moon. According to TV101 Crater Smithuanus, formerly known as Capuanus, was magnificent within the the Marsh of Epidemics this morning.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Zhummy, it must be pretty neat to have a metal tube, rack and pinion focuser, and a real mirror cell.Did you like your boat trip over here from the Orient?

Sorry you where left home with the SCT.SCT's can be somewhat vain, you know "I can look at everything really well and you don't need another telescope"attitude!

SUGGY was not able to take me out this morning(even with the moon screaming loudly) so he use his bedroom window to enjoy Luna as he iced his head nursing a food reaction headache. I have been telling him to watch what he eats!

I do not know how you do it, but it would be really hard for me to hang with such a high profile telescope like the TV101. My understanding is that some of them tend to look down on simpletons like us - even though we take in more photons than they!

Has Drive By tried his new eyepieces with you yet? I am enjoying my new bushings - can't wait to move up and down and round and round in front of a crowd at the Marina! YIPEEEEE

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

something tells me SUG has been locked in a closet and his telescopes have been taking over! LOL

Sidewalk Universe said...

If you only knew NSG! The stories I could tell............