Thursday, September 24, 2009

Healthy Eating And Observing Club

Based on numerous responses to the "Pasta And Pizza Powered Astronomy" post of 9-19-09 on this famous blog page I have decided to kick off the HEOC - Healthy Eating And Observing Club. The goals of this club are to promote the benefits of "healthy" eating habits along with the observation of "healthy" celestial gems which dot our star studded sky. As the first official (and only) club officer I would like to kick off the first posting. Others members(its just me right now folks) are welcome to contribute by emailing me your pics and words which will be posted here. Every thing in good "taste" please. I realize "healthy" is a relative term - so feel free to send in your favorite food and sky gem combo which fuels your taste buds and imagination!

The Meal: Baked Turkey Loaf with Roasted Vegetables, Baked Potato, Tossed Greens with Vinaigrette. This meal positively fueled me last week for a busy night doing outreach astronomy with no backlash what so ever - this is a keeper meal for this household. When I got home it was stove popped Pop Corn with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper. Don't laugh to loud because its really good along with "Universe" episodes on the DVR.

The Object: M8 - This massive star birth factory in our summer/fall skies is a source of wonderful views to fuel your imagination and never leaves you feeling bloated. You can come to this buffet with any size scope ( yes Marc even Pronto with his attitude issues) and get a great meal! One night last year at high altitude in the Sierras I spent 2 hours feeding off the light of this nursery and was fueled for weeks in my outreach efforts! In my mind anyway it looks like a "sunnyside down" grilled extra large egg with salsa, black beans, toast, fruit, coffee which is SUG's favorite after observe early a.m meal! You may see the egg part - the other things take time to see!

Bon Appetite!


Marc said...

This is good to hear. Got my results back and scored poorly on vitamin B12 and I was glucose imapaired, not diebetic, but not good anyway. So I have major work to do diet wise.


NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

Wow just when i post i'll be regularly resuming my blog and into astronomy after food allergies slowed me down and made me ill most of the month( gluten free eating from now on, found out it was Celiac )
then I read this. neat ! found out oats have gluten in them after using an oat based hand cream EEEW!

but i'm back in orbit now! we have similar going ons LOL
now i have writers block. eeeeeeeek! lost touch with the astro world now i have to find out what's been going on, life is no fun without astronomy!